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Bluehost Nigeria: How to use Bluehost in Nigeria

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Bluehost Nigeria

Bluehost Nigeria Tutorial.

Blogging has shown that overtime is a way to make money for thousands of people around the world. The concept itself has shown how honest adherence to a hobby can generate revenue if done right even in Nigeria.

With the success of millions of bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, TMZ, Mashable, and others, people have seen the power of blogging and are now taking various steps to position themselves as the next big thing to happen in the industry.

While many may wish to start a blog, few know, and few people use this to help people set up blogs for a fee. The more people who want to start a blog but do not know how to do it, the more blog developers keep setting up, and making more money.

If you would like to start your own blog, and want an effective way to set it up in less than 20 minutes with Bluehost in Nigeria, keep reading.

How to Start a WordPress Blog in Nigeria?

The first step in setting up a blog is to determine the blog site you need. Do you want to set up a WordPress blog or set it up on Blogger?

Setting up a blog on WordPress has great benefits. You can easily add themes, customize your blog, and enjoy many additional benefits that Blogger will not give you.

Here are a few reasons why you should go with WordPress instead of Blogger:

1). Google can easily set up your Blogger site as it did on Linda Ikeji in 2014, but with WordPress, you control your full rights. This makes Blogger a bit more clumsy and less cluttered.

2). You can do very limited things on Blogger, but in WordPress, unlimited availability of plugins makes almost anything you think possible.

3). Blogger themes look very ugly and few, but WordPress themes are not just in their millions, but many of them are good.

4) Moving your Blogger site to another forum is very difficult, so most of the time, you get stuck. But with WordPress, deploying it is much easier.

5). There is limited support for Blogger sites if you run into problems, but WordPress has a huge community that provides solutions for everyone.

6). Google may decide to close the Blogger forum for everyone, just as they do with most of their services, but WordPress is holding its own. So your WordPress site is going nowhere unless you want to put it down yourself.

7). WordPress sites are much easier to monetize than Blogger sites.

The next thing you need to decide is the host of your blog. Bluehost is an excellent choice because of the number of amazing benefits they have to offer.

Benefits of hosting your blog or site on bluehost in Nigeria.

1. Bluehost is very easy to use. Definitely anyone can build a WordPress blog easily by following the tutorial below.

2. Bluehost web hosting provides amazing technical support.

3. Bluehost is very affordable for everyone due to its incredibly cheap web hosting. With Bluehost, you can have your own blog easily and the only cheap way you will pay the ridiculously low cost of $ 3.49 per month.

4. With Bluehost, you get a free blog site of your choice, which can cost you about $ 15 through many other web hosting companies.

5. Setting up your WordPress forum on Bluehost is free. What you have to pay for the catch.

6. Bluehost makes it easy for people who change their mind about hosting their blogs on their site.

 They offer an unconditional guarantee to the payer, so that, if for any reason you are not satisfied with their service, you can cancel the hosting and get your money back.

7. They will make your blog stand on your own, so you can easily start making money with it. With a blog you have hosted, you can make money at any time.

8. Bluehost will make your blog and you blogger, look credible and professional to the people who read your blog. But you would not earn that benefit by creating a blog on Blogger.

Because of the many benefits that Bluehost offers, with the few listed here, many bloggers choose Bluehost as their preferred site to easily create their own WordPress blog.

Given the countless benefits of hosting your new blog or hosting your existing blog Bluehost.

How to use Bluehost in Nigeria.

 how to set up a WordPress blog By using Bluehost in Nigeria

1). Register a Domain Name

The first thing to do when trying to build a WordPress blog on Bluehost is to specify the domain you will use. Coming up with the right name is important in a number of areas such as; how easily people can remember a word, how easy it is to type a word, and how it relates to what you intend to blog about.

After coming up with a complete domain name, getting Bluehost makes the whole process easier because, you get a FREE domain name for the first year, as long as you buy 12 months of web hosting Bluehost (cheaper than paying $ 15 for a domain name). With 12 months of hosting on Bluehost, the cost of your WordPress blog is much lower than it would be, if you try to set it up differently.

2). Buy Hosting for Your Blog

Purchasing hosting for your WordPress blog becomes easier and more comfortable with Bluehost.

 Here are a few things you need to be aware of in order to get the best WordPress hosting for Bluehost:

1. To take advantage of the cheap program available on the blog, select “Basic Program”. All in all, it is a very simple program with everything you need, to build a strong and secure WordPress blog. It costs only $ 3.49 a month.

 In addition to the low prices, you will get a free website domain ($ 15), a free site builder, and a 30-day money back guarantee with this Bluehost link if you purchase at least 12 months of blog hosting. . This saves a lot of money and makes your blog work faster.

2. Getting only the “Basic Plan” is all you need. You can move on to Plus or Business Pro plans in the future as your blog grows, gains more traffic, and begins to exceed your expectations. So there is no need to buy what you do not need right now.

3. Another thing you should buy when you purchase your blog hosting is Privacy Privacy Protection, which costs just $ 0.99 per month. This will ensure that your contact information remains secure online.

An amazing part of Bluehost's commitment to creating the best WordPress blogging platform, is that they can refund you within 30 days if you no longer like it.

How to Buy Blog Hosting Summary

Here are 4 easy steps to get your WordPress blog hosted on Bluehost and upgrade and run in 20 minutes or less:

1. Go to the Bluehost website and click the "Start Now" button.
2. Click on the blog package you are interested in purchasing.
3. Type a domain name you have previously registered or sign up for a new domain name.
4. After payment, enter the password. Make sure your password is secure, so that someone close to you or a stranger can access your account.


Starting a blog has never been easier. Instead of letting people try to cheat you and demand a portion of your money by asking you to set up a WordPress blog, following this guide and creating your WordPress blog using Bluehost will not only make your blog work and work in a very short time. time, but it will give you amazing benefits as a free domain, and much more that no other domain host can offer.

Watch video before you continue

How to pay for Bluehost In Nigeria

Gone are the days when you had to send cash to someone to help you with international payments such as paying for online hosting on overseas websites like Bluehost. Now, you have the options as a Nigerian to do this for yourself.

I will explain in detail in this post, how to pay for bluehost in Nigeria if you do not do so and save up to 70% OFF your Bluehost hosting money in Nigeria.

Which means you can pay using your card (VISA or Mastercard) or using Paypal. If you have your own Visa or MasterCard, either in Naira or USD, you can use Bluehost directly to make a payment and it will work.

How to Pay Bluehost in Nigeria Using Your Credit / Debit Card

Step # 1: Visit Official Bluehost.com

To visit the official Bluehost website, click here to open it in a new tab.

You should come to their latest homepage (As seen below).
Bluehost homepage

Step # 2: Click on "Host your site"

There is a blue button on the homepage, click on it as shown below.

Step # 3: Choose the program you like

Bluehost has 4 different web hosting plans available on their website to choose from basic, to integration, selection and PRO program.

Bluehost plans

It depends on your package or features you want. If you plan to have only one site, it is best to start with it. Bluehost gives you the option to expand as you grow.

Step # 4: Set / Link Your Domain.

Bluehost offers you a free domain for a year. If you do not already have your own domain, this is your chance to claim a free domain - which is your website address.
Bluehost offers you a free domain for a year. If you do not already have your own domain, this is your chance to claim a free domain - which is your website address

While you may create a new domain here, you can also add your existing domain to this step or create your own domain later if you are still thinking of the full name.

Step # 5: Create an Account and Save Up to 70% Discount!

Under Account Information, you are advised to fill out a form correctly with your relevant details to set up your hosting account. Alternatively, you can use the Google One-In-One option which is a quick way to create your account.

But before you can start filling out the form, you must first get a discount. Now, let me show you how to claim the 70% discount on your new hosting plan.

This is not a trick, in fact, this option has been made available to Bluehost themselves to make sure you get the best value but it is unknown to most people.

To get up to 70% off on basic programming, move your mouse gently to the exit button [x] of the page. Note: I'm not saying you have to close the page.

While doing so, you will see a pop-up window as a screenshot below.
how to claim the 70% discount on your new Bluehost hosting plan.

Click the green "Claim Save" button and the page will reload afterwards so that the price on their page is updated for you.

If you try this and the pop-up does not appear, be sure to do the following, clear your browser cookies, use the chrome browser and be sure to open the pop-up in your browser, then follow the procedure given from step # 1 all over again.

NEXT, under Package Information. Choose your preferred account plan. For me, I would suggest you choose a 36-month plan as this saves you extra money.

Bluehost Nigeria Frequently Asked QuestionS

Does Bluehost charge you monthly or annually?

 Bluehost does not charge you monthly, you are charged annually. Minimal year with Bluehost one year (12 month plan). 

 Does Bluehost operate in Nigeria? 

Indeed, bluehost works well in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you are not limited to using any of their payment services as long as you have payment requirements.

 Can you pay Bluehost with a bank card?

 Bluehost does not work with credit card only. Bluehost also works very well with a debit card, so you can purchase any of their services with your credit card. 

 How do I change my payment method at Bluehost? 

To change your payment method, log in to your account and change your payment method under your payment information. Also, you can add another payment method and your second payment option. 

How much does a web hosting cost in Nigeria? 

The cost of web hosting in Nigeria is determined by many factors, one of which is the web hosting company of your choice. On average, domain costs # 900 and hosting registration costs about # 400 per month or more. 

 How much do you pay for Bluehost?

 The price you pay varies depending on your need and addons. However, shared hosting on Bluehost starts from $ 2.95 to $ 13.95 monthly (first year discounts available) and all plans come with a free 1 year domain.

With this helpful information, I believe you have learnt how to use Bluehost in Nigeria and in other countries.

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  1. Bra your post is a big waste of your time honestly, you can make a penny from your affiliate link until you actually help, all this steps are self explanatory. What would help Nigerians is to know how to get a USD debit card that would actually make payment


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