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How To Start a Blog That Makes Serious Money

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How To Start a Blog That Makes SERIOUS Money

 Start a Blog That Makes SERIOUS Money

  Linda Ikeji became a billionaire through blogging. Since then, blogging has become popular. But most bloggers don’t know what they are doing. In this post, I will break down how blogging works. 

Three (3) steps to Start a Blog That Makes Serious Money. 

 1. Build your blog 

 I believe you already know what a blog is. LindaIkeji.com is a blog. Legit.ng is a blog. Naijaloaded.com is a blog.

 A blog is any website where you write and post articles for interested people to read. 

 You don't necessarily need to write the articles yourself. You can hire writers. And if you can't afford to pay writers, you can partner with them. 

 Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular software in the world for building a blog. Learn How To use WordPress and build a blog or website

 To encourage you, I will help you build your blog. It's a promise. Just keep reading to find out more. 

 2. Attract loyal readers to your blog 

To attract readers, you need to take 2 steps; 
 STEP #1: Focus on an interesting topic.

 STEP #2: Promote your articles to people interested in that topic.
Most bloggers in Nigeria focus on every topic and any topic. Don’t do that. Your blog must be known for one topic. That’s the only way to attract regular readers. Without regular readers, your blog can’t grow.

 Another mistake most bloggers make is focusing on news. These bloggers will go and copy news from popular news sites and repost on their blogs. But that’s not blogging. That’s copy and paste. 

 Releasing breaking news was the secret to Linda Ikeji’s success. So unless you can release breaking news, you won’t go far with news publishing. It’s too saturated. After all, you are not a well-known news company. So who will be interested? 

 If you are so interested in the news, you can focus on analyzing issues in the news. This will help you stand out and capture attention. 

 Another problem with blogging about the news is that you will need thousands (if not millions) of loyal readers to make serious money from it. Why? Because the only guaranteed way to make money from a news site is through adverts. And you need a large readership to make good money from ads. But beyond news, there are other powerful topics. 

 For some of them, you don’t need thousands of loyal readers. With just a few hundred high-quality readers, you can start making good money. For example, you can start a blog that shows people how to solve a particular problem. 

 I know a Nigerian and American blogger who teaches people how to become professional photographers. He sells expensive cameras in his blog. He doesn’t even own these cameras. He just sells and gets his commission. 

 So what problem can you solve for people? A lot. Do you know that there are valuable skills you have but take for granted? Let’s take cooking for example. Because you can cook, it’s a normal thing for you; you may start assuming that everybody knows how to cook. But do you know that there are people who are desperately looking for someone to teach them how to cook? That may surprise you, but it’s true. Some of them may even be embarrassed to say it openly. 

 Yes! I know a “spoilt girl” who doesn’t know how to cook. When she got married, her husband almost divorced her. She couldn’t cook for him. Out of desperation, she opened up to her neighbor. The neighbor taught this lady how to cook. That was how this lady saved her marriage. 

So do you know how many “spoilt girls” are desperate for your information on how to cook? What of car maintenance? Maybe you are the one who used to wash your father’s car. Maybe in the process, you learned one or two things about car maintenance. There is somebody who needs that information. Do people usually come to you for advice or to teach them a particular thing? Maybe you are good with relationship advice or you know maths very well. These are topics you can start a blog with. 

What about the things you studied in school? Maybe, you studied company law. You can start a blog to teach business people how to protect their business legally. What about make-ups? House cleaning? Laundry? The list is endless. 

 Just know that all the knowledge you have is valuable to someone else. And you can use that knowledge to start a blog.

 Another part of blogging that most bloggers don’t consider is promotion. Most bloggers think that if they just post it on their blog, readers will come. But it’s not so. 

You must actively promote your blog posts. Join relevant groups. Promote in forums. Be a guest blogger on another person’s site. If possible, promote offline. If people don’t know you exist, how will they become loyal readers? 

3. Make money through your readers 

Once you’ve built a loyal readership, this one is the easy part. There are so many ways to make money with your blog. You can sell other people’s products and get a commission. This one is very easy. Just join Jumia, Konga (Yuboss), or the PayPorte affiliate program. 

Remember that photography blogger I talked about earlier? He sells cameras from Jumia. You can also give personal service. For example, if you blog about cooking, you can charge for one-on-one training. You can even run group coaching programs and charge for them. 

 If you blog about business law, you can offer a CAC registration service. If you blog about business tips and study business or economy-related courses in school, you can offer a business plan creation service. 

 You can write an ebook and sell it. You can advertise on your website. You can run sponsored posts. You can even create online courses and charge for them. The options are limitless. Your imagination is your only limit. 

 If you learned something from this post, please comment and ask your questions.

 And back to my promise: If you’d like me to build for you a beautiful blogger blog and load it with all the features you need to succeed, contact me, [email protected],
 WhatsApp or send an SMS to +2347025557344

  I will build you a blogger .com blog for a N2,000 ($4) token. 

If you are interested, message me now because this opportunity will be open for only a short while. 

 Once I help a certain number of people, I will stop or move my charges back to my normal price. Please take advantage of the promo. 

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