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how to build a website on bluehost for Everyone: Beginner's Guide

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how to build a website on bluehost for Everyone: Beginner's Guide

How to Build a website on Bluehost.

Starting a website with Bluehost is one of the best-kept secrets of building website which can be generating incomes even when you are  doing nothing. 

Let's start building your website or blog  on Bluehost today!

 Disclosure: This page contains interactive links where we receive a commission transfer service. There are no additional costs for you, but they do support our site and may grant you special authorization. 

 I have been a website developer for over 14 years in Prudentj2 using Bluehost, so I learned easy ways to create a new website and get the best prices available. 

 Follow my quick and easy steps for perfect beginners and you will have a live website on Bluehost and your (free) domain name set up within some minutes, less than the cost of coffee each month! 

 You do NOT need to hire a web developer! Anyone can start their own website. Even little children and older people can do it without stress.

 4 Reasons to Build a Website on Bluehost.

  1. Good for your CV and professional email address 
  2. Create income (make money on your sleep - keep reading) 
  3. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere 
  4. Easy to make funny and affordable (and fun) 

 What makes a website on Bluehost?

 There are four components to website creation: 
1. Domain name,

2. hosting,

3. content management and 

4. Design.

 Every website needs to be hosted. Web host is the home of your site and its content (like a remote computer). The host then 'comes' the website to visitors when they write your domain name.

 WordPress BluehostWordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that resides on your web host. It is similar to your computer operating system, and allows anyone to create, design, write and manage their own website without knowing any code. The forum empowers 25% of all websites (including CNN and NASA) and is completely friendly to beginners. 

 Confused? Don't be! We will be using Bluehost which takes care of everything from domain name to designing templates.

 The best thing is to install them with 1 click of WordPress, so you will be set up and ready to start posting so the world can see you right away! 

 I contacted Bluehost and negotiated a 60% special discount, as well as a free domain name for my Visitors here (readers). 

Choosing the best web host 

There are six important reasons why Bluehost is the best web host for people who want to start a website. 

  1. Affordable (from £ 3pm) 
  2. Trusted (99.9% downtime) 
  3. Free domain name, email addresses and 1 click to install WordPress 
  4. Brilliant 24/7 support and training guidelines 
  5. 30-day full refund policy 
  6. Officially  recognized and recommended by WordPress.

 4 Steps to building a Website on Bluehost.

Follow these 4 easy steps to make your website today.

#step 1. Select and register a domain name 

A domain name is what people type in their browser to view your website. Prudentj2.com domain name. It is also used for email, such as [email protected], example [email protected] 

 There are a variety of domain name extensions available, including .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz. Registration usually costs £ 9 ($ 12) a year, but you can get yours for free only with this link: 
  •  A. Click here to unlock your free domain name offer 
  • B. Click "Get Started Now" and select the "Basic" program for now 
  • C. Type the domain name you like to check availability.
    Search for your domain name

    check the domain name of the website When your domain name is found, you will see a "Create your account" page. Congratulations! 

#step 2. Continue to step 2. 

 If it is not available, you will be told to try something different. Consider changing the name Using free tool (wordhippo.com is active), using links (-), adding a number or selecting a different extension. 

 Don't worry if you can't think of a valid domain name right now. You can click the "Choose later" link below. Words often come into my head as I build websites, and it is also easy to move an existing website to a new domain. Today is about making a website live!

#step 3. Set up website hosting 

The "Basic" package is more than enough for most new websites, and you can uncheck some of the currently paid options if you do not want them.

 To protect the lowest monthly price, you need to pay at least one year but cheaper for three years. It's incredibly cheap for what you get. Bluehost also has a 30-day full refund policy. Make payments in advance using the details of your regular card or PayPal (click on "additional payment options"). 

 #step 4. Choose a WordPress theme 

You will now be asked to select the first theme design for your new website! 

 I recommend you choose "Ocean WP" because it is free and applicable to any type of site (even e-commerce). You can always change it later if you like. 

 Hover over the panel and click "Use this team". It may take a few minutes to process. 
WordPress theme. Prudentj2
WordPress theme

 In the meantime, check your email inbox to verify your account, activate your domain name and get access details for your control panel.

 If you look at your website now, it will probably show a page as your site may take a few hours to go live across the Internet. 

 This is a great opportunity to start exploring WordPress and maybe even writing some content! 

 Publish Post content

 In your Bluehost control panel click "Sign in to WordPress" to continue. WordPress makes it easy to start writing content that looks great. 

Clicking on "Posts"> "Add New" will open the editor window, which lets you create, format and compose your post without the need for a code. 
Wordpress admin editor panel
WordPress Admin Panel - Free with Bluehost 

 Once you have a couple of articles published on your website's topic, there are endless opportunities to start growing your audience and make money from home!

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