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The Real Opportunity for Healthcare and AI

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The Real Opportunity for Healthcare and AI

 Opportunity in healthcare and AI

I want to talk about the real opportunity I see in healthcare and AI. People talk about big data in healthcare all the time and how, if you had all this information together and could get past the HIPAA issues AI could do wonderful things with respect to diagnostic and treatment issues.  And that's true. But it's not the biggest opportunity I see.

 The human body is complex. If you've taken Biology at any point in your educational career, maybe you were like me and found it much more challenging than Physics or Chemistry. 

 Biological systems are complex systems and the diversity of things that can happen in the human body is very broad. But as sensors and rapid tests and all kids of wearables gather more and more data than every before about what is happening in our bodies, it lays the basis for the real impact of AI in healthcare. 

 That level of data is, and will be, difficult for humans to understand. But figuring out the patterns hidden in the complexity of sublte biological interactions from data across millions or tens of millions of individuals is a great problem for machine learning to solve. 

 I see a world where, rather than the blunt data set of electronic health records and in-office doctor's diagnoses being the bedrock of healthcare AI, it's the sensors that allow more real-time monitoring of everything going on that help customize the understanding of cause and effect in our bodies and our health outcomes. 

 Next month I'll write about my investment theses for AI in 2022, and this will be on it. So, if you are working on healthcare related AI powered real-time sensors, I'd love to chat. 

 Thanks for reading.

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