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See Where to buy cheap Opay and Baxi POS in Anambra State.

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See Where to buy cheap Opay and Baxi POS in Anambra State.

 Cheap Opay and Baxi POS machines in Anambra State.

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BAXI POS = #50,000 (#20,000)
OPAY POS= #60,000 (#20,000)

Baxi POS
BAXI POS on promo!

In this article, I will show you where to buy POS not just POS but cheap CBN approved POS machines that will make your POS business flourish.
Opay POS and Baxi POS in Anambra State

Buy your opay POS device now
Is #20,000 only
Address: No 6 obosi road nkpor Junction, opposite techno office, Idemili North Local government Area of Anambra state.
Contact: 07025557344
Note: we can do waybill for you no matter your location.

Among the POS machines you have seen or heard about, there are good sensitive and CBN approved POS machines eg: Opay POS, etc.

Little but powerful advice.

Don't buy POS machines anyhow. Don't buy online unless you know the person or The company very well. Don't buy any POS machine you see. Look for registered companies that are distributing POS machines like GREENLAYERS INDEX LTD WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER
RC 1227804. Address: HEAD OFFICE, 6 Obosi Rd, Nkpor Junction.
Details of Greenlayers index ltd
Source: Ng-check.com

Where to buy cheap POS machines in Anambra State.

From my research many people are venturing into POS business. And because of this, Scammers are also working hard to squander people's sweat by posing as POS machine distributors or sellers but don't be deceived.

GREENLAYERS INDEX LTD have been in operation since 2014 till today. We have been serving the public in Truth, honesty and with sincerity. Our transparent background has given us the name that is speaking for us today. 

 Buy your POS machines from Greenlayers index Ltd If you are in anambra state.
Cheap good POS machines

How to Buy POS machines from Greenlayers index Ltd If you are in anambra state.

1. You will come to our office. (Address: HEAD OFFICE, 6 Obosi Rd, Nkpor)
2. Provide Necessary document for registration.
3. Purchase any of POS machines (OPAY OR BAXI).
4. You take your POS machine.

NOTE: We don't sell POS online to people. We Only do that to our existing customers who we are familiar with.

Why Greenlayers is selling POS machines?

1. We are certified Opay and Baxi POS machines Distributor, including Moneypoint.

What are the benefits of Purchasing POS machine from Greenlayers?

1. It's Very cheap: Like I said, we work and serve in Truth, honesty and with sincerity. If you search where to buy POS online, you will see different high prices.

But in Greenlayers, We are selling POS machines #20,000 only. I repeat, If you come to Greenlayers index Ltd, Address; HEAD OFFICE, 6 Obosi Road, Nkpor junction, you will buy your POS machine with just #20,000 only, then The machine will be registered and handover to you. Is as simple as ABCD.

Note: currently we are on promo!
So come to our office and pick yours!

2. Teaching: we will not give you the POS machine and leave you. We will teach you  everything you need to learn.

3. Balancing of account: we will also teach you how to balance your account everyday to detect your profit or los if you actually made a mistake while doing transaction.

4. Full support: We will be also available for you every time to help resolve any issue you are facing.

How to get us.

HEAD OFFICE, 6 Obosi Road, Nkpor junction, Anambra State. 

If you get to Npkor junction, Ask of Greenlayers. We are in the same building with seebest pharmacy shop. Opposite Tecno Office Nkpor junction.

Phone number: 07025557344

Trust us. We will serve you well.

You can use the comment box below to ask your questions.

Or send email to [email protected] 

Where to buy POS machines in Anambra State, Onitsha, Nkpor. cheap POS machines. Legit POS distributor in Nigeria. POS machines in Nigeria.


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  1. Pls I need that O pay POS how much

    1. We don't have Opay now but Baxi is available

  2. Pls I need that baxi POS , how much?

    1. Baxi POS is #25,000 now. For more inquiry, contact us on 07025557344

  3. How much is back pos


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