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How to withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria

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How to withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria

Amazon provides three different ways to people in different regions including Nigeria, different needs, and different age groups:

How to withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria quick summary

You need to get a pàyoneer account. When you register for payoneer, you will be able to obtain a US bank account which you can enter into your Amazon account. When Amazon pays they pay into your payoneer account. You can withdraw your money from Payoneer into your bank account in Nigeria. That is if you are based in Nigeria

When you fill your tax information on Amazon. You can pick the option that you don’t have a TIN as a Nigerian

You don’t need an EIN

Three Ways to withdraw money from Amazon

1. Amazon Gift Card

If you choose this method, Amazon will send an email to your registered email address during settlement, with a gift card discount code for you to redeem yourself (you can redeem it to any account, you can send it to friends and relatives), there is one thing to note, The amount must be at least $10 to allow the exchange;

If you don't give it away, you can choose to sell it on Ebay or Taobao; but the problem comes again - second-hand goods will definitely need a second resale process. There are so many people selling gift cards in the market, and they must be sold at a discount. If the sale is good, pay directly to Alipay;

If you resell on Ebay, you will have to spend time to apply for an account, upload pictures, and settle the sale through Paypal. God damn it, I wouldn’t choose this thankless method... I’m extremely reluctant Suggest this way...

2. Check

If you choose this method, it is a bit like passing letters on horseback in ancient times, sending cheques from Amazon in the United States to see you across the ocean, experiencing the romance of "84 Charing Cross Street" every month, and waiting endlessly, but in the end you need to How long does it take for real money to arrive on your business card?

Let me tell you, It will take a month to send it to you, and you have to take your ID card and a copy to the bank for processing. After the bank collects the money and collects the money, you will also be charged a certain handling fee. It is estimated that it will take another month. time, it takes two months to add up 

3. Direct Deposit uses a US bank card to transfer money.

 And it will arrive in three to five days without charging any fees. It is safe and fast; but I am Chinese and I have never been to the United States and cannot apply for a card. What should I do? Don't worry, even if you go to the United States, it is difficult to get a local Bank of America debit card, but we have another option - to get a virtual American card, the most common one is Payoneer

What is a Payoneer Card?

Payoneer is a card-issuing institution authorized by the MasterCard organization. Simply speaking, applying for a Payoneer card is equivalent to obtaining a virtual US bank account, which can accept funds paid by Payoneer partners through the US Payment Service. (including Amazon and Paypal). And Payoneer also has a physical card. With the physical card, you can withdraw money from any ATM machine with the MasterCard logo in China, you can also swipe your card to shop online such as Taobao or foreign shopping websites, and you can also use it to buy foreign hosts and domain names.

Amazon does not pay directly into the Nigerian bank account. They pay directly into US bank accounts and accounts in other European countries. Amazon now has the option of paying writers in Nigeria by check. But you should reach the limit of $ 100, £ 100, or € 100.

The annoying part of this is that Amazon will not convert payments into a single currency to quickly reach the threshold. You must reach each limit before you can be paid! To me, that is annoying! It will take many years to reach these limits for some authors who sell only one, two, three or three ebooks per month. That's annoying when you ask me !!

How to withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria.

Some years ago, in our organization, we decided to ask our American business partner O-CLOSE to help us. We started using his American bank account to get our royalties. Amazon does not wait for any restrictions before making a payment on a US bank account. So we really enjoyed this strategy.

A business partner got the money and sent it to us via naira in Nigeria. However, our friend moved, and we had to look for alternatives. Now, you need to check out the solution we have listed below to get our benefits from Amazon as a Nigerian

Pàyoneer has been our second and most recent option to receive benefits from Amazon as a Nigerian

We started using Pioneer. Payoneer gives you a US, UK bank account after your successful registration. Amazon pays monthly in your pàyoneer account. You have two options for collecting your money from pàyoneer:

Two options for collecting your money from Payoneer.

With pàyoneer MasterCard issued specifically for you from pàyoneer. You will be able to use this card to withdraw your money from any Nigerian bank ATM with a Mastercard token. We used GTB (we have many bank ATMs with the Mastercard logo).

You have another option to withdraw your money directly from your Nigerian bank account when it reaches a limit of $ 50 and up in pàyoneer. This is an option we currently use in our organization.

How to apply for Payoneer Card?

Step 1: Open the Payoneer homepage: http://www.payoneer.com and click "Signup & Earn $25", (Payoneer will give you an extra $25 in a one-time payment after your first deposit exceeds $100)

Amazon Signup receive money from Amazon In Nigeria

Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria

According to your personal choice of "person" or "company", name and email address for affiliate registration, date of birth.

Step 2: Fill in the contact information

Withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria

When filling in the address, I fill in the house number of the community where I live, Number 3016 XX. It must be filled in according to the real information. After Payoneer has reviewed your information, you will receive an email from the staff in China, confirming Chinese with you. address (in English) and inform you of the EMS tracking number. The Payoneer card is made in the United States, first sent by DHL to the China branch, and then mailed to you by the China branch by EMS.

The third step, fill in the security question

Prudentj2 amazon money Nigeria

Bosses should pay attention, when setting up security questions, be sure to remember them clearly, it is best to write them down in a notebook. Sometimes you need to provide answers when logging in with your P card account; we have too many accounts, and it will be troublesome if you forget them.

Step 4: Fill in the payment account information

Payoneer amazon

After clicking Submit, the registration is preliminarily completed. At this time, everyone needs to log in to their mailbox, there will be a Confirmation Message, click Log into Account, and enter the account password;


Here we need to add two security questions again, still the same, it is best to keep them in the book

Then click Submit:

The following line will be displayed on the screen "You USD Balance is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days".

Don't worry, wait for the account to pass after about 30 minutes; log in to the account again, and the following interface will appear on the home page:

Payoneer interface after registration

Click on "Global Payment Services" to enter the account information where you can see USD, EUR, etc.:

The bank name Bank Name may be different, I applied for Community Federal Savings Bank, and some people applied for First Century Bank, don't worry about it;

Next, click "Upload" in the lower left corner:

Registration process

After photographing the front and back of your ID card, upload it and click Submit. You will get confirmation information:

Payoneer registration

The next step is to fill out the Fill in Questionaire. 

How to withdraw from Amazon In Nigeria Final summary

You have two options to get your money from Pioneer which Amazon should have sent to Pàyoneer

1. With Payoneer Mastercard they will send it to you free of charge but will charge an annual fee of $ 29 if you have money in your account. Using the card will also attract bank and business fees. So if you do not make that much money, the card option will be more expensive. We recommend the second option.

2. Payment to your Nigerian bank account. You will be able to fill in your Nigerian or local bank details in your pàyoneer account. But you must reach a limit of $ 50 or more before you can transfer it to your local bank account from your Payoneer dashboard or application.

After you sign up for pàyoneer, you will be able to copy from your dashboard, a different US bank account for you to add to your Amazon account. 

So with this method, you can withdraw your earnings from Amazon In Nigeria.


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