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Agony: After 11 Years Of Marriage Without Bride Price, See What My Husband Did To Me

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Agony: After 11 Years Of Marriage Without Bride Price, See What My Husband Did To Me

11 Years Of Marriage Without Bride Price

 I have a situation that I found myself in. I am not really good with writing but i will try.

 I am living with the father of my children for 11 years but he hasn't paid my bride price.

 I am 36 years, he is 46 years. I didn't run after him, we were dating till I took in and we started living together. 

I gave birth to twins and the second pregnancy came as a mistake and he asked me to keep it and know if it will be a girl because we have already had 2 boys. 

It came out as a boy.. For this 11years I have begged him to see my people, he kept promising till he sent one of his Uncles to go and know our place. 

To the world, we are married but he has never paid a kobo. I left with my children early this year hoping it will motivate him but it didn’t, we returned back and in our master bathroom I saw pieces of weavon and a foundation that isn't mine. 

I asked him questions about what I saw, he ignored me. Last 2 weeks, my younger sister got married and only me attended, I spent some days at our place.

 There is no occasion at my place he attends. After the occasion my late mums sisters called me a fool and an idiot. 

That I am a disgrace to their late sister for living with a man who hasn't seen them face to face. That I went to live with a man during my youth service and all. 

The anger in me made me quarrel with my husband when I got home over the matter and told him that he won't see me or his children again if he did not do the needful.

 Why has he not seen my people and money Is not his problem because we are comfortable. He told me that if I like I should leave with the children that he doesn't care, that his other children will come in and live with him.

 I was so shocked hearing that. He said he has never felt love for me that he feels pity for me. That any day I will tell him that I will leave again, that he will throw me out himself.

 He left that Thursday evening and didn't come back till this week Monday. He spent almost a week, his phones were all switched off. 

He came back and told me that I should have it at the back of my mind that he is getting married this December to a lady that have 2 kids for him that she is the woman he loves. 

He now uses the lady's photo as his phone and Facebook profile picture. I now cry day and night. 

Where is God please?

Please mothers in the house encourage me and pray for me because i need help.

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