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How i ended up marrying the wrong husband. PRUDENTJ2 STORY.

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There's a young lady growing up, her desire was to be a pastor's wife. During children's play she will dress up as a pastor's wife and ask other kids to addressed her as mummy.

 As a teenager these dreams didn't change a bit. She would always carry herself like a pastor's wife. During her undergraduate days, she became the mama of her fellowship.

So this brought are very close to all the papa of the fellowship and she was using that ministry to practice the role of a pastor's wife.  when suitors started coming for her hand in marriage, this is where the actual battle began she turned down men after men. 

If you are not a pastor and you don't aspire to be one, then you are no match for her.

 This young lady kept at this, she turned men with good character, men deep in a relationship with God because they don't have the title pastor or Bishop to their name. All of a sudden, One power carrying-Pastor came around. The moment sister saw him and he made his move or her, aunty didn't waste any time saying yes to the relationship because this is finally a dream come true. The one the Lord has for me has finally shown up were her words.

This is how they dated for a few months and the pastor proposed and date for the wedding was set.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that character wise uncle pastor was very flawed. He had the office of a pastor but had a terrible character.

Outside, he preaches well, commands things but in indoors he is totally a different human being. He is the opposite of what he was manifesting outside. very rude.

They got married and few months down the line, uncle is already beaten mummy GO. Nobody knew this because after each beating episode He would apologize and they will wear matching outfits to different occasions looking sweet .

This lady went through a lot in the hand of this man and when she couldn't take it anymore, 9 months after their wedding they found themselves in a law-court processing them The divorce. 

Moral lesson 

So many people are like this young lady today. Is it bad to have dreams to marry a pastor or to marry a lawyer or a doctor whether male or female depending on your gender? Is there anything bad in it? no no no. Absolutely nothing, but what is the problem here?

  now listen up

In your pursuit of a life partner, the worse Mistake you can make is to focus on the office of the person you want to marry instead of the fruit, the character they manifest. For some of you that might not understand what I mean by office and fruit. 
according to the scripture, there are gifts of the spirit and there are fruits of the spirit.

Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Speaking in tongues, performing miracles, Apostles etc., Doctors, Nurse, Architects, public figures influencers etc.


Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, sacrifice, selflessness etc. These are the fruits.

If you take the same path as the lady in our story today your marriage might be hell on Earth. An office can  be occupied by anybody, therefore if you are more interested in answering a name then you might be a victim Of marrying the wrong person. Instead, look out for the fruit they are manifesting.
  • Are they peaceful?
  • Are they kind?
  • Do they have self control?
  • Are they moved by everything?
  • Do they have integrity?

Why I decided to use this story to teach this is because when we say marry a person that has the fear of God most people think all pastor or people in the church  have fear of God. that's why you hear that pastor beats his wife. The position of a pastor is an office. Occupying an office doesn't mean the person has the fear of God.

  • Don't marry a pastor, marry someone with fear of God who is a pastor.
  • Don't marry a Doctor, marry someone who has the fear of God and is a doctor.
  • Let the fear of God and the other fruits of the spirit come before the office.

when you and your partner respect God and fear God and ready to work your marriage According to his leading then you will have a Successful marriage.

Never forget this.
you are not marrying an officer or career, you are marrying a mindset, a personality and if that lacks the fear of God  you will find yourself in a difficult marriage.

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