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Online business failure examples

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Online BUSINESS failure examples

What is the real Online business failure examples that often happens to beginners? Although many say that an online business is a business that is often easier to do and cheaper than an offline business. Remember Work for happiness while working for money.

However, more people are failing than those who are successful in running an online business. What are the Online business failure examples? 

 The following are some of the common causes of failure in online businesses, both for beginners and for long-term online businesses. Is not easy to create A platform that gives you money while you are sleeping 

Online business failure examples.

 1. The Wrong Mind: 

 A good idea is needed when we start learning and running an online business. Those with the right mindset are more likely to succeed in online business than those with the wrong minset. 

 So what are some examples of the wrong attitude?
 Assuming that an online business is a fast-growing business Imagine that an online business can be successful without any money at all Looking down on and taking an online business is easy And some This idea prevents a person from making progress, or will throw a person down. 

When we start an online business, we should focus on the things that can support the learning process and practice running an online business. 

 2. Lack of Information on Online Business

  To start something without enough knowledge is fine. In that sense, we will usually do tests and errors or tests and errors alone. Therefore, we learn from the various mistakes we make during the trial process and from mistakes. 

 However, making a mistake and making a mistake in an online business must also be informed. There is a basic knowledge we need to understand to learn about online business, for example understanding how to create an email, how to create a blog / website, how to create an account on social media and markets, and more. 

 And most importantly, basic information about online business should be for beginners. 
For example: Know what types of businesses are online 
Understand how you work in an online business
It can run one type of online business etc. Information on online business should be read continuously.

 It is not enough to just know, we should also practice and do various exercises to find the best way to run an online business. 

 3. Lack of Focus on Online Business

  This is the most common cause of failure in online business. The type of online business is very different, and each type of online business has a promising potential. It is not uncommon for beginners to try all kinds of online businesses, and think that by running every type of business then you will be able to succeed. 

In fact, the more successful a business is, the less likely it is that you will. Therefore, it is best to focus on choosing one or two types of business that fit your interests and abilities. For example, you have a knack for writing essays, so the best business is selling essays or building blogs / websites to make money. 

 4. You are not interested in running an online business 

 An online business is actually just like an offline business, a separate media. This means that in order to be successful in our business venture, we must be willing to do it. Online business failure examples.

 Those who are not strong tend to run an online business as little as possible. If the sale is good, they will be immediately satisfied and think that the sale will continue. And when sales go down, they only complain and do nothing worthwhile to increase sales. 

As we are discussing Online business failure examples, If you only do business online without seriousness, you will surely ruin the season with your new key players. Today we can see many new successful players, this is proof that only honest people can run a successful business. 

 5. You do not want to improve your online business skills 

 In running every business, we should always strive to develop skills and knowledge. In addition, the online business is very dynamic, change and development happen in a very short time. 

 You could say that developing online business skills is one of the most important things that every online business should do. What needs to be done to develop skills? It depends on the type of online business you are running. 

For example, if you are selling online, the skills that should be developed continuously are; 
How online marketing is updated
 Information for channels that you can sell online
How to communicate with customers

And some With the knowledge and skills left over from the present, we can survive and thrive in competition in online business. 6. Lack of innovation As mentioned above, this online business is very dynamic and there is always progress on all sides. Online business failure examples

New players are always looking for ways to compete with older players, so they create new and different strategies. If the old players don't come up with new ideas, they will just miss the new players. One way to deal with competition for new players is to innovate. 

 This renaming can take many forms, be it on the technical side of the website, it may also be out of the marketing process, or perhaps a new way of communicating with consumers.

 Any new invention, if the intention is good and useful to consumers, will have a positive impact on our business. 

 7. Impatience And Easy To Quit

  Impatience and easy quitting are one of the most common causes of online business failure. Because of the wrong Mind you from the beginning, imagine that an online business is a rich business, so many beginners are impatient and eventually give up. 

 Every business needs a process to reach the point of success, and even then they have to work hard. Therefore, if you have a tendency to be impatient and easily discouraged, you should not try to do business online because it would be a waste of time. 

 8. Time limits for reading and practice.

There is no denying that learning an online business until you finally have a profitable and stable online business takes time. Those who work as office workers and try to learn and do business online often feel frustrated.Online business failure examples

 Dividing time into today's most important activities while studying and running an online business is a daunting task. 

It is not uncommon for beginners to stop in the middle of the road because they feel unable to perform two tasks. Some people decide to resign and focus on doing business online. 

However, some people are still frustrated because they fear that the business will not work well even though the cost of family necessities may simply stagnate. This should be considered carefully. You can easily be persuaded by encouraging words that tell you to leave your job to do business online, consider family and circumstances. 

If you can, while on two ships, work in the office while running your online business. 

 9. Free idea

Free ideas are one of the causes of failure in an online business that is often found by beginners. Still intellectual, many think that running an online business can be successful in free ways. 

No business is really free, it might be best if the online business mentioned can work for less money. 

In addition, if you always think that science and equipment running an online business should be free, then the chances are that your business will be difficult to develop.

 As we are  looking into Online business failure examples, There are some online business services that we can get for free, but these services have limitations and offers that limit your creativity. And then we will appreciate something we pay more than we get for free. 

This will ultimately shape our perception that our business is very important and should be managed the way we can. So, don't be a freak!

 10. Make a big target

  There is a saying "Pursue your ideals as high as the sky." That is, we may have very high expectations. However, my advice should be your dream or objective in doing business online not too big. It is not uncommon for you to know that high-level intentions are the cause of failure in online business. 

For example, an online entrepreneur has a profit of Rp1 billion per month even though the margin of a single auction is very small. Make the goals of the online business measurable, viable, and accessible. 


Based on what we have seen so far, make sure Online business failure examples doesn't affect you.
Each time you reach your goal, you can increase your target to reach the top, and so on. That is, it is better to make a goal and be successful in achieving it than to make a big goal but fail and lose hope.

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