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Follow this steps to create a blog for free on Google blogspot and earn money

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PRUDENT JOSHUA; Founder of Prudentj2.com

How to Create free blog and make money with it.

How to start a free blog with Google  blogspot?

Start a free blog at blogspot

Creating a blog using Blogger.com is really easy. Below are a few simple instructions, follow them properly and create your own free blog

Step 1: Sign up for Blogger.com

First, go to the Blogger.com homepage and sign up.

 Note: you need Gmail for your free blog, so Create a Gmail account if you do not currently have one.

Once you've signed in to your Google Account, you'll now see a "New Blog" button on the left. Click on it to create a new blog on Blogger.

Step 2: Enter the name of your blog.

Type any topic you want to name your blog in the Title box. And just enter any short domain address, once taken, you'll see a yellow box. Make sure you come up with a unique name and select a template from the options provided in the same box. You can select multiple templates and customize your blog later.

And that's it! You have successfully created a blog on blogspot in less than 2 minutes. Congratulations.


 Now we will go through the next steps.

Step 3: Start creating new blog posts

Click the “Create New Post” button on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter any topic and start writing the content you want.

Step 4: Apply For Google AdSense

Once you start getting more visitors from search engines to your blogspot blogs, you can apply for AdSense to start making money. 

Do not apply for AdSense unless you bring in at least 300-400 different visitors daily. If not, it's really hard to get your account approved.

How you make money with blogging.

Once you've set up your blog, you can (finally!) Start looking for ways to make a profit with it. 

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 Here are some of the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger: 

1. Use related marketing on your blog (Affiliate marketing)

 Related marketing works by adding relevant links to your blog post. You can make a small commission every time a reader clicks on a site you recommend and make a purchase. 

 Links will lead readers to the product website, and the money you earn is 'thank you' for posting some of your favorite readers to their site. 

 Almost all eCommerce online websites have some sort of affiliate program, such as Amazon, ASOS and Apple. 

 Sign up for the Affiliate Window - a great affiliate network where you can promote thousands of well-known products and services around the world. 

 We mainly use integrated marketing as our main source of revenue, although there is also Google AdSense there for a few extra pounds each month. Comprehensive marketing is a natural fit for most bloggers. 

As a blogger, you always recommend products and services to your readers. Most companies offer affiliate programs so it's really easy to find the right programs to join and start earning commissions. The key is to be honest and honest about your marketing. 

Write reviews and articles about your honest opinions and encourage your readers only to buy something if you think the product or service is good for them. 


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2. Add banner ads to your website.

 As a visual marketing tool, you can sell advertising ad space on your blog page to brands related to your readers. Ads can be placed anywhere, but they are usually found at the top of blog pages or in the sidebar.

 You can earn money in one of two ways. The CPC (cost per click) means that you will receive a payment set for every student who clicks an ad, while CPM (costs per thousand) means that you will negotiate a fixed payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ that the ad receives. 

 With the growth of AdBlocker plugins, CPC and CPM can be down, but it depends on your industry, and there is little damage to trying. 

 The fastest way to start creating an account with Google AdSense. 

 3. Write ads and sponsored content 

 According to the bloggers we spoke to, one of the best ways to make money with a blog is to provide sponsored content opportunities (or advertisers). 

These are ads in the form of a paid article or blog post. For example, if Adidas is releasing a new line of swimwear and has a women's sportswear blog, they may offer to pay you to write an article about their range. 

You can also add other relevant links at the top. This monetization method usually works best if you have a strong niche audience.

 Once you have expanded your reading, the brands will often come to you to discuss sponsored posts. 

As a blogger, I have found opportunities for sponsored content coming to me even though PR companies, either directly or through apps such as Instagram agency. 

 4. Payment for sponsored forum communication posts 

If you have a strong presence on social media, you will be more attractive to brands. Some people actually make all their blogging money through social media posts. 

You can charge for a post / re-post and the cost can be surprisingly high.

 You will have to work hard to build your followers first - your 'public testimony' (or how many people follow you on social media) is seen by brands as proof that readers will love what you post about them, too. 


5. Write guest blog blog posts.

  Sometimes, news members (or brands with their own blog) will reach out to you if you have authority on a particular topic, asking you to make a little cameo appearance on their website.

 If you are particularly knowledgeable about budget cooking, for example, the newspaper may contact you and ask you to donate budget-friendly recipes to their cookbook. 

 Don't be shy about posting comments - if editors don't know who you are, a quick email introduction is a great way to get the name of your blog there. 

 Work with an agency to build your blog Believe it or not, blogging has become so popular in the advertising world that there are now agencies that specialize in promoting bloggers to large companies. 

 Working with an agency can be very rewarding and give you security, but you will need to have a decent following in order to be collected first.

 Agency fees are also surprisingly high, which means that only large companies will be able to afford to work with you, and small private companies will be intimidated.

 Depending on the type of blogging business you are looking for, this may or may not work for you - to use the example of genuine fashion blogging too, agency funding may prevent you from working with small independent designers who you really want to promote. 

 6. Sell digital products to your blog readers.

  If you have the skills or advice you can offer, another option is to charge access to eBooks, video tutorials, tutorials or workshops. 

 To make this option work, you need to be able to show that you are extremely competent in what you do, or that your content has proven to be very important. 

This is not easy. It can be very difficult to convince online communities to pay, as there is a tendency for people to think that everything online should be free. We should try, right?

 7. Sell the location of your blog's newsletter.

 It is also an option to charge for a product or advertising area or mentioned in your weekly / monthly newsletter (if you have one!). It will take very little time to do, and you can get the right amount for it. 

 However, you will need to create a list of emails of a decent size for the brands to consider this. 

 8. Get the attention of employers as a blogger.

  Using your blog to grow your business or get yourself a job is another way to make more money with your blog. If you are one of the many students who sell items online, your blog is a great platform to promote what you can offer (even if you don’t go in too hard, or you will put readers out).

 You can also use your blog as a kind of online profile - you can build your credibility there, showcase your skills and hope you get a good job on it. 

 Think of it this way: your blog is like a small business itself, and by showing potential employers that you can do this successfully, you show that you have a business mindset, and you know how to achieve success with it.

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#1. How to start blogging to earn money online?

#2. How to make money with blogging for beginners?

#3. How to create blog for free and earn money?

#4. How to earn money with blogging in 12 minutes?

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