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How to be happy and positive in this year 2022

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How to be happy and positive in this year 2022

Be happy this year 2022.

Exciting new research shows that it is psychologically possible to train yourself to be happy in 2022. 

 Human emotions are complex, but we are often guilty of making them too easy. If you have been on the receiving end of a well-intentioned but motive of "Don't worry, be happy" or "Try not to worry", you will understand. Because when we talk and think of happiness as a common perception, we tend to sift people into two camps: "half glass full" and "half empty glass". 

 According to researchers at the University of California Berkeley, you may actually be learning new ways to activate your feelings of involvement in positive experiences which we need to be doing this year 2022 and be happy.

 According to researchers, people's ability to gain more experience can be truly strengthened through training. This means learning to enjoy good experiences so that you can experience them in a higher way.

 As Psychology Today explains, the model’s vision is that by learning to engage in positive experiences, you develop a sense of endurance and self-esteem. “These emotions help to create an 'air rush' where good times build up over them, enhancing your happiness in 2022.

Even if 'external support and normal activities are scarce', such as those restrictions that apply during the Covid-19 violence, 'you stay inside any psychological resources' you have been able to access." Really good news for anyone who is currently isolating themselves or facing the ongoing uncertainty of Omicron’s diversity. 

 Approaches to be happy in 2022.

 There are four different Approaches. 

 1. Have an enjoyable experience.

 This can be done physically, physically, or mentally, as if you were thinking of someone you care about.

 2. Enhance the experience with these small steps

Research suggests, the key is to enrich the experience by making it last as long as possible, and keeping you working on your awareness. “Focus on many aspects of the experience, including its meaning, your ideas and feelings, your emotions and your actions. 

Increase the youthfulness of your experience so that it becomes more vivid in your mind and the personal connection to the experience by examining your feelings about it. ” 

 Then the experience can be reinforced by “directing” your emotions, or reviving the parts that feel good. 

 3. Gain experience

  This involves making a deliberate effort to put it inside to make it sound like part of you. "Look at your emotional state and highlight the value of the experience reward." For example, after spending a night with friends, spend time thinking about how the entertainment made you feel, what specific aspects you enjoyed and what you gained from what happened. 

 4. Connect the good with the bad

  Indeed, there is a lot of experience in our lives that we can struggle to attach to a constructive meaning to it, from parking tickets to dealing with grief and loss. "Focus on something positive even if you know negative things in the background," suggest researchers. “For example, you 're getting too involved in a movie when you realize that your fears about the next work go on. The positive should ultimately remove the negative in this step. "

 How can you be happy in your life this year 2022?

Understandably, there is no research, combined, it is a magic bullet to improve health, fight depression and help balance our emotions in such difficult times. But it does give you the opportunity to learn new ways to have fun times in your life. “Fulfillment may not come naturally to you, but by letting a pleasant experience change you for the better, those happy times can be permanent and long lasting,” psychologist explained.

 So whether you are preparing for New Year's festivities, much-needed personal attention, or just planning some leisure time in the wild, this is probably the only thing we can all decide to do to stop and smell the roses. from time to time.

Why Is Happiness More Important Than Money?

Happiness Is More Important Than Money: Without a doubt, money is a vital factor in living and earning the money people need to work. This is one of the most important reasons to work but, I truly believe that money is not everything and we cannot buy happiness with money. No matter how big your bungalow is, there is a good chance you will find yourself crying in one of the rooms. Having money is good but having fun is much better.

WORK for HAPPY, while working for MONEY this year 2022.

The main reason for working is to increase awareness. There are a number of students who work to combine experience and not just money. Some students work part-time while studying. A few students work full-time after graduation to gain real and practical knowledge without earning a living. Some people work to gain knowledge, to volunteer, to help others, and to exercise and understanding that gives people satisfaction. These people work for happiness, satisfaction, and leisure and not money.


The next reason is that some people like to do community service like volunteering. Many people volunteer in libraries or in the Society. We can look at many older people and help them just to be happy doing so, not for money. Not only for adults but also for children. For example, I often visit the library near my home where I meet a number of older people who work as volunteers and who enjoy their work. One day, I struck up a conversation with a young woman there, who worked as a social worker and wanted to make new friends. And by doing so he can spend his time on something incredible. Encouraged by her, I applied for an assistant. Currently, I work as a librarian at the library and help others teach computers. Therefore, service delivery can also be a source of work.


Now you have seen How to be happy in this year 2022, put them into practice and be a happy and changed person this Year 2022.

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