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Best and Easiest way to Archive greatness through focus

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Best and Easiest way to Archive greatness through focus

 Attaining greatness through focus 

Greatness in life is the desire and heart throb of every human being on Earth. Greatness is evidenced in one's profession that is attained in the area of politics, education, career, ministerial calling, business pursuits, discoveries, inventions, etc.


It is a life dream, it is an expectation to a destination of prominence, A reckoning and distinction in one's aspiration. The truth be told that wishes are not horses; otherwise the poorest of the poor will ride. Greatness is a project that can be attained to focus. 

We shall in this article X-ray the attainment of witness to the power of focus. Real life stories of ancient and modern achievers shall be looked at and the factors or building blocks for greatness listed. word definition

ATTAINING: Attain is a verb which means to achieve or accomplish. But attaining is a continuous tense which suggests continuity and not just a onetime event. Attainment of greatness used to form one level to the other.

GREATNESS – The state, condition or quality of being great

FOCUS: Point of convergence, concentration of attention. 

Simply put, our topic is all about how we can be what God wants us to be by channelling all our physical, mental and spiritual energies/resources for the achievement or accomplishment of that desire or dreams. 

This can only happen when we concentrate on that desire. In the Bible, we read about Apostle Paul who counted everything as loss in order to know intimately the Lord Jesus Christ (Phil. 3:7) at an enviable height, he still opined, "That I may know Him...’’ (Phil. 3:10).

How did he end?’’ he became the best and of course the greatest Apostle and the missionary of both his time and our time.

In American history, we cannot forget people like Abraham Lincoln. His background was nothing to write home about but he did not allow his background to keep his bag on the ground.

 He was born in a log cabin, had little education in local schools. He lost his mother at the age 9 and finally his father. 

Determined to succeed, he focused or making it to the top. He through self education became a lawyer and finally became Americans 16th president. 

He attained greatness through the power of focus. 

You too, no matter your poor background can accomplish your dream. Time will fail us here to go to the football, academic and business world.

 Lionen Andres Messi, the following Barcelona Superstar had a humble beginning. Today, all over the world, Messi is a star. You too can be a star in your God's chosen field. Finally, how can you really achieve greatness through focus? 

Let us list some of this building blocks.

1. Discipline.

 Be disciplined in The pursuit of your goal in life.

2. Be determined. 

The power of determination means greatness a possibility.

3. Desire. 

Have a desire, a test and vision for greatness.

4. Never accept disappointment, failure or obstacle as a final answer.

5. Never give up. 

keep on trying even if you fail.

6. Learn from the history and theory of great people who made it at last.

7. Self improvement. 

Do not remain and be satisfied where you are., Improve yourself.

8. Have faith in God, hope in God and your expectation shall be granted.

9. Be single and never lose your focus on matter the pressure.

10. Tell yourself, "I can do all things through Christ help. (Phil. 4:13)

Congratulations, see you at the top, Great Archiver.


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