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Our prayers is that God shall help you achieve the following by the time YOU read through this Article. 

  • 1. Identify or understand what it means to be an ideal Christian student. 
  •  2. Be highly motivated and encouraged to be an ideal Christian student. 
  •  3. Be inspired to challenge others to aspire being ideal Christian student. 

Who then is an ideal Christian student?

The meanings of the key words will provide the answer to this question. 

BEING: According to a dictionary definition, being means existing in a certain state e.g. In Him we live, move and have our being (Acts 17:28). The fact of living or existence. 

IDEAL: This is defined as 'satisfying one' own idea of what is perfect! A person or thing thought of as a perfect example. 

CHRISTIAN: Someone who is born again and following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ. 

 STUDENT: the word student is simply means 'a person who is studying at a place of education or training. 

 Being an ideal Christian student therefore, could be seen as a learner who is following the teachings or manifesting the spirit of Jesus Christ with the mind of conforming to His ultimate standard of perfection or excellence.

 Note, that this student must have received Jesus Christ into his heart as personal Saviour and Lord of his life. Again, he OR she must have continued to practice his or her Christian faith daily as a child of God. This is out of love and gratitude for what God has done for him, a Christian does good works to please and glorify God, but he doesn't trust in his own works for salvation. A Christian knows that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom.6:23). He knows that it is by grace (unmerited love and favour of God) that we have been saved through faith and not ourselves, it's a gift of God, not of works lest anyone should boast (Eph. 2:8-9).

 A person may become a Christian no matter who or what evil he has done if he repents (turns away from his evil ways) believe (put his trust in) Jesus for salvation. 

 Biblical Example: 

Daniel: In the first year of his reign, Daniel understood by books... (Daniel.9.2). Daniel was a teenager when he was captured and taken to Babylon and had to undergo training for three years. 

 Daniel.1:5b says "They were to be so educated and so nourished for three years that at the end of that time, they might stand before the king". (AMP) Daniel had the spirit of God in him just like every Christian student but what made him ideal was his desire to obey God in an ungodly kingdom. 

 Point to note: 

Daniel was a teenager who made up his mind to obey God (Dan. 1:8). He had three other friends who had the same belief as him (Dan.2:17). Daniel was known to have the spirit of God (apart from knowledge and understanding) to explain hard sentence and dissolve doubts (Dan. 5:11-12). Daniel was diligent. Even when a life-threatening decree was made by King Darius, he still prayed three times a day as he did before (Dan. 6:10). 

 He read his books to gain understanding (Dan. 9:2). Daniel had faith and trusted in God. He always replied on God in making his decisions and everyday living. An ideal Christian student has integrity, is hardworking (proverb. 14:28, proverb. 6:9-11, proverb. 10:16, proverb. 12:11), diligent (proverb. 22:29), favored of God and man (Joseph, confirmed Daniel, three Hebrew boys). They were equally committed. 

 The basis of being an ideal Christian student is the kind of spirit one.

 a. Become Godly: This is by giving your life to Christ, accepting Him as your personal Lord and saviour. He will come in and change your life, making you Godly. I This will help you recognize Godly friends. The beginning therefore is to become a friend of Jesus Christ. This will be naturally attract other friends of Jesus to you. 

b. Attend godly meeting: Every friendship starts from a meeting. Meetings always bring like-minded people together to pursue a common interests. ungodly friendship starts from ungodly meetings such as beer parlors, smoking centres, night clubs and the likes. 

In the same manner, Godly friendship begins from a Godly meeting. A Godly meeting brings Godly people together, while an ungodly meeting brings ungodly people together. You are very likely to become friends with people you meet often. 

Avoid evil meetings and companionship when you do not want ungodly friendship but meet often with Godly people if you want Godly friends. Behind the success of Daniel, were Godly friends (shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego), Who also prayed constantly with him (Daniel. 2:17-19). They all shared the same faith, interests and opinions about God and about life. 

Also, Jesus Christ when he felt He and His disciples had come to share same interests, character and opinions had this to say. "Now you are My friends proved by the fact that I have told you all everything the father told me" John 15:15b LB. Jonathan was to David a friend who sticks closer than a brother and saved him from the plots of his own father-king Saul (1Samuel 20:1-end). But ungodly friends will always lead you to do evil that would endanger your life. For instance, it was the counsel Amnon got his friend Jonadab over sleeping with his stepsister (Tamar) that Led to his death in the hand of Absalom (2Samuel 13:1-5,13-33). If Amnon had known that his friendship with Jonadab would shorten his years on Earth, though he was the heir apparent to the throne, he would have stayed away from him. 

 It will be important to pause here and ask yourself "Who are my friends" "what category do they fall into Godly or ungodly?" "Do they share the same interests, belief and opinion of God as me? " "if they do not meet the criteria for friendship as we have discussed in this article, God is telling you today to "come out from among them.... Be not deceived: evil company or communications corrupt good manners." (1corinthians 15:33). 

Your life is too precious to be wasted by ungodly Men who pretend to be friends. May the lord Almighty help you to break every ungodly tie around you so that you can fulfill your God-given destiny in Jesus name. Amen!.

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