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Be Encouraged and strong: Don't give up because of what people said or what you are seeing.

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Words of encouragement: people who possess the inferiority complex traits.

A man was asked why he chose to travel through a particular route that has been tagged a "lions den" by some resident living in that area, despite the automobile crashes recorded on daily basis. 

His responses were:

I cannot afford to miss a life opportunity because of " mere speculations".

 I cannot afford to loose that which might elevate me simply because am scared of the unknown or a misfortune that may not take place. 

Despite the automobile crashes and plane crash, people still travel. 

Despite the complications that often occurs in some pregnancy, women still get married. 

Despite the loss experienced by individuals in some business, people still engage in it.

 life without a risk is like embarking on a journey without a purpose. 

you suddenly loose direction at the long run. life itself is a risk because you can't predict your last breath. 

so as it is to every other activities on earth. you don't give up on your life ambitions because you heard people say " is irrelevant or difficult to accomplish. 

you ought not give up on your business plans because you've heard people complain of the looses involved in it. 

why not give it a trial. remember your destiny is quite different from the other. 

you ought not to give up on your career because you've people complain of its irrelevance in the society. why not try and make the very best out of it. 

As a student, you ought not to give up on your dream course because people discouraged you on how tedious and impossible it is to scale through . 

remember, the word impossible" is only for people who possess the inferiority complex traits.

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