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The following are common issues in singles relationship and these issues are responsible for many breakups.

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The following are common issues in singles relationship and these issues are responsible for many breakups and heartbreaks singles are having in their relationship.

 check your relationship dear men and Ladies. If any or all of these is/are manifesting in your relationship, it means you need to know that there are dangers  ahead. let's see the issues.



Many singles in relationship are faking so many things for their partners. some are faking their age some, fake their academic qualification, some faking their religion some fake they are past so fake their feelings. For example, you know you are not happy in that relationship because it is draining you, confusing, sinful and leading you into deeper sin from romance (fornication) abortion, but you are faking outward happiness while you are dying inside. Some fake their body e.g fake breast size, face Buttock size, fake face, etc.


 Many singles relationships are full of fighting. physical combat, verbal fighting, etc. if that guy is beating you now in that dating or courtship and you still want to manage him, then get ready, he will damage you! no relationship is free from Misunderstanding but if one all two of you is or are not tempered you have to abuse and fight like touts or keep malice for days or months in that Relationship, Am bold to say that, you have big, big problem ahead of you.


When one of that people in the relationship turns himself or herself to a parasite and just draining the other person. You are just a collector in that relationship and not a giver. you are just a consumer, and not a contributor just a gold digger, it means you are fleecing on your partner. If you are just in that relationship to con your partner, you are not a good person.  Is hard for a stingy man to be automatically  becomes a generous husband. Watch it 


Forgetfulness is the bane of many single relationship. Many guys are guilty of this. You claim to love her and you will say you forget to call, you forget to chat her, you forget that today is her birthday. I know we have ladies too whose brain "memory card" is so short that they forget important things they should remember in their relationship. This is a big issue that is causing problems among singles in relationship.



This is an attitude of deserting your partner because he or she is facing a tough or hard time. There are many singles guys and Ladies who are 'fairweather' partners. they identify with their partner when things are rossy. But as soon as they notice any decline in the benefits they are getting from the guy or lady, they begin to withdraw their care love and support, thereby forsaking their partners.


Single guys and Ladies, please mirror your relationship in the light of the above mention issues and be true to yourself and partner. If these issues exist in your relationship and all efforts to solve are proving abortive. I will advise you go back and check your conversion to be sure you are really in love or you are in Lust and you are lost, or maybe you are abducted. 


Thank you for reading,
You can share this to wake up singles around you to consciousness. I love to see singles get it right in relationship. Thanks and remain bless.

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