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Most important things you should know about the primary purpose of the holy Spirit.

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Why do I need holy Spirit in my life
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One of the first things the holy Spirit does is he takes the love of God and make it personal. It's no longer is "he loves the world but does he love me?". you will begin to realise how precious you are as a person to God you will know first hand the amount of care, compassion and the planning that God has put into your life and how he continues to monitor each and every tiny detail about you. The holy Spirit makes you feel special the more you get to know him, the more you need him.

  • But the comforter which is the holy ghost, whom the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatever I have said unto you. John 14:26.

Why do I need holy Spirit in my life
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The primary purpose of the holy Spirit is to review Jesus to you, he gives you power and bonus to spread the gospel. You are no longer ashamed to share God with others. There are a lot of other ways in which he makes your life better.  Given below is a list, which can be verified with scripture, but it's not complete. 

 There are other unique ways that he can helps you which are left out for you to discover.

  • He brings God's presence to you, your relationship with God gets really deep and the son becomes the best part about your life.

  • He teaches you God's word "THE BIBLE", you begin to understand things like never before, you also begin to hunger For More.

  • your prayer life is transformed, you play much better and then when using the gift of tongues your prayers are guaranteed to be effective. The quality of your prayers will amaze anyone listening, even yourself at times.

  • you receive peace, you are not disturbing easily, the things of this world no longer affect you as they used to. You become a much more stable person, emotions like anger or depressions don't affect you like they used to.

  • He can reveal The Future to you if you are matured and know how to handle what he tells you, he will show you things before they happen.

  • The holy Spirit restore and renew you, he picks you up when you sin. He refreshes you when you are tired and weary.

  • Gives you wisdom and understanding which is not humanly possible. he allows you to see through people and into their real motives and also look past situations and see the big picture.

  • He increases your faith you will begin to expect and the see a lot more miracles in your life. You can notice levels of faith that was never possible before he came into your life.

  • he improves the quality of your life the starting point does not matter he increases your intelligence, your physical strength and energy levels. This is an overflow of the life from your spirit flowing through your soul into your physical body.

  • He brings you to your inheritance, he helps you mature as a Christian and the overtime you begin to realise just how much God has done for you. As your experience it, your love for him increases and your praises, Thanksgiving and worship become a lot deeper.

  • He brings about excellence in your life when the holy Spirit is in control of your life there is no room for mediocrity, he takes great pleasure in bringing excellence in your life and whatever you do. Over time your life will become so fantastic, that just by looking at you many people will be drawing to God. He makes you a champion in life!


Some of these benefits people immediately apparent, a few of them begin to manifest over a few short months but the best of them need time to develop sometimes years. The key here is don't ever give up, treasure and cherish your walk with God and honour and respect the work of the holy spirit.

Why do I need holy Spirit in my life
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 The holy Spirit also helps you when you decide and tough situations in your life. He can help answer questions like:

  • Who has God choosen to be your life partner/spouse in this life. You can choose your own but it will never match up to what God has in store for you.

  • when to stick onto your current job and went to move on to the next job or task God has in store for you. God's timing and wisdom is perfect.

  • how to solve problems relating to people or situations or task/project that you may face from time to time in your business or career or study.

  • How to handle issues in your marriage and in your other relationships. what is impossible for you is possible with God.

  • how to respond to crisis in life like if you lost your job or if your business is doing badly. Sometimes the problem itself may not vanish, but you begin to grow and the problem begins to look small and you get the strength to deal with it.

  • when to share Jesus (The gospel) with someone and the when not to. This is very important, it is possible that you may scare people off or push them farther away if you don't know how when to bring to Jesus up.  The holy Spirit lovingly guides you.

Keep thinking about him for what he is already doing, don't get greedy, and don't grieve him. you are sure to be amazed at what he can do with your life.


There were a couple of young business men who designed a great product. They successfully prototyped it and reach the second stage where they were looking to start mass producing this product. That's when they met a man online who claim to be an intermediary or an authorised agent of this huge manufacturing firm in china. The young entrepreneurs were excited, their idea was finally coming to life.

They initially wired some money to the intermediary and they got the first cut of the samples and they were happy with results.  They had a few more rounds of revisions till they were happy with the quality and finish of the final product. They were ready to take the plunge and the bulk produce their invention. That is when they received a check in their spirit, they had this strong urge to actually visit China. Everything seemed normal on the outside but deep down they had a feeling that something was amiss.

The holy Spirit prompted them to make the trip, so the Two partners flew to the address given to them in China. Once they reach they asked around about the person and the firm, to their shock and horror they realised that the whole thing was a scam. Everything was fake including the company its address and the other details the intermediary shared with them. The person him himself disappeared once he realised they were in China.

They were saved from certain ruin, they were planning to deposit a huge sum of money to the account of the agent. it would have had disastrous consequences for them both personally on their families and for the young company they were building. Luckily they built this firm with their sweat, blood and the players. They had the guidance of the holy spirit with them throughout and that made all the difference.


  • Pray and ask for guidance before taking important decisions in life.

  • The holy spirit can give you knowledge and wisdom when you are solving difficult problems.

  • Learn to depend on him, he can give you peace and comfort and even in tough situations and the warn you of upcoming dangers.

  • He can help you pray perfectly, when you don't know what to pray for or have the strength to pray.

  • He can help you understand the will of God for your life.

  • Watch closely when he prompts you during times when you sin, he can help you overcome your weakness over time.

  • You have God's help in almost everything, you will be surprised by how much He is willing to help.

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