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Update: If you think the IPOB can't block the East for a month, then you don't have eyes- activist.

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Update: If you think the IPOB can't block the East for a month, then you don't have eyes.

If you think IPOB can't block east for a month, you're blind Ohagi 

A lot of people don't have the eyes to see reality. The reality on the ground is that the governors are no longer in charge and caused it.

When your governors were killing IPOB members, you didn't know a day like this would come. nothing that injustice cannot cause. 

You killed 3.5 million Biafres just because you want them to come back to Nigeria. 

You only took them back to marginalize them for over 50 years and you think they won't rebel, do you?

Most of the IPOB members have never witnessed the war. But how can they continue to suffer just because you think you have defeated their fathers in a war they did not fight. 

What did Philip Efiong tell you? You refused to heed his warning. Does that tell you that if you don't treat the Biafrans who are doing well, their children will get up? 

If the IPOB says they will shut down the East for a month, it will be done. 

They said they would if Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not brought to justice. Instead of trying to blackmail IPOB with it, why not tell the Nigerian government to do the right thing? Why not tell your leaders in the South East to do the right thing? 

Doesn't MNK have the right to appear in court?Is it not in your constitution of 1999 as amended? Why are you not worried that the government will not respect human rights, but are you worried about a demonstration? 

What are you actually saying? The governors of the South East have the possibility to support their own people, but they have chosen to support those who protect their terrorist brothers, to kill their own young Igbo. 

Isn't that madness? Discover Ambazonia. Nothing's going on about Cameron there anymore. You will see what is happening here. And Nigeria will brag about going to war, but then they will realize that the only Nigeria that wants unnecessary war from unnecessary unity are the Fulani. 

You fought in 196770 because Yoruba, Tiv etc. they joined you.

This time you are alone. A war is a suicide mission for the inhabitants of the desert. 

Source: Elochukwu Ohagi, philosopher, teacher and activist, 2021

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