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See A Missing Plane From 1955 That Landed After 37 Years. See What Happened.

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A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years

life is full of mysteries. Many of which are unsolved. And then, some baffling mysteries seem to defy the laws of physics space and time. Mysteries like Area 51, The Bermuda Triangle, The Great Sphinx of Giza and few.

All of these wonders fascinate people even today and keep giving us a myried of conspiracy theories. There are a few other lesser-known mysteries too.

This story is about one such mystery that left everyone confused and struggling for answer. The story of the pan Am flight 914 has been a matter of intrigue to many people across the planet. 

Pan Am flight 914 was a Douglas DC - 4 that took off from New York City on July 2nd 1955. It carried 57 passengers and six crew members and it was headed for Miami Florida. For a short while the flight appeared proceed normally.

It was expected to land in Miami within a couple of hours. But during the flight, something happened that simply changed the lives of everyone on the plane. Without any communication, pan Am flight 914 disappeared from the radar and the control room lost contact with the plane.


It was as if the aircraft had disappeared into thin air. Authorities went into a frenzy to locate the plane. They assumed that something had gone wrong and the plane had collapsed. Despite many attempts to trace the whereabouts of the plane nothing could be found. No wreckage was located around the area and  no bodies were found. After months of investigation, authorities concluded that the plane was lost in the sea. The airline compensated the families of the passengers for their loss. The case was assumed closed. But 37 years later everything changed. 

On 21st May 1992 the plane would be found again.


A mysterious aircraft suddenly started showing up on the radar at Caracas Venezuela. And air traffic controller then received a contact signal from the mystery plane. The pilot was voicing his concerns to the tower, shouting "where are we"?. He continued "we are pan Am airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of 6 and 57 passengers"

This unbelievable communication stunned the controllers of the characters. Trying to maintain some control over the situation, the controller began to ask questions to the pilot. He asked if the pilot had experience any trouble during their flight. Having flown in the opposite direction from New York the flight was of course by some 18,00 km. 

"Are you mayday?"  asked the controller. But there was no response after a while, the pilot communicated again. He said that they were scheduled to land in Miami on July 2nd 1955 at 9:55 A.m. Then, he started saying that something was not right with the view in front of him.

The controller broke the news to the pilot as calmly as he could. "This is Caracas international airport to stop the date is May 21 1992. The pilot thought it was some kind of a joke. But began breathing rapidly. The controller ask the pilot to remain calm. As the plan prepared to land, the ground handlers could now clearly see the plane. They couldn't believe what they saw. The aircraft was an outdated model. They could see screaming passengers with their faces pressed up against the windows. 


The ground crew directed the flight to land. The security guard prepared to help the district passengers. as they approached the plane the pilot shouted at them. "No! do not come near. We are leaving now". The pilot then turned the plane towards the nearest runway. He hastily dropped something out of the window before preparing to fly again. He took off living a turned crew behind.

Hours later, the plane landed at its original destination Miami. The calendar and the tower tapes were reportedly seized by the authorities and they were never made public. The passengers and crew were interrogated in Florida by the stunned and security officials. 

There were so many questions that seem to have no plausible answer. Not one of them had aged a day in this 37 years. Officials wondered how the plan managed to operate for so long. But the internet resorted to all kinds of theories that are still making the rounds. It became a hot topic on forums with life and the time travel enthusiast. 

The most popular and widely believed theory is that the plane had passed through some kind of time portal or wormhole. but nobody knows how exactly wormholes or time portals might work. What had only been a few hours for the flight members, had been 37 years for the rest of the world. 

The story gained widespread coverage on the internet. Many people even all presented their theories backed by what they claim to be solid evidence. 

But as much as The theorists wanted the story to be true it was what it was... A STORY.

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