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4 simple things to do on Opera News Hub to avoid rejecting your article as fake News on opera news hub.

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Simple steps to avoid fake news rejection on opera news hub.

Fake news is news that has no basis in fact but is presented as being factually accurate. It is also a deliberate presentation of false or misleading claims as news where the claims are misleading by design.

As an opera news hub writer, you facilitate the spread of fake news when you deliberately present old stories as new, manipulate images and videos in a bid to distort facts. And also, create  news content that does not  exist. All of this consequently serves to mislead the  readers, and this is unacceptable as opera news hub reject and terminate such posts and accounts. 

Simple thing to do to prevent your article from being flagged as fake news.

1. Make sure you add screenshot of where you got the news. 

To make your news real and for the avoidance of doubt, credible sources in this contest referred to verified social media accounts sources, authoritative media (news websites).

The Opera news Hub is aware that some stories may not be fake but rejected for lack of proof.

it is important to always include verifiable proof from credible sources to back the claim in the article.

2. Make sure the screen shot is from a verified source.

 Now to avoid rejection, when you write a story, always has a screenshot or link to a credible and verifiable source of information.

If you need to cite the source of an article about Davido for example ensure you do so from his verified profile and not a parody/fake Davido profile.

Example 1: A screenshot of authentic Davido Twitter profile with the verification tick. (GOOD)

Example 2: Fake David twitter profile with no verification tick. (BAD).

3.. Do not cite from fan pages or backup pages, cite directly from the original credible and verified source.

If the account is not verified do not use it as your source. 
NOTE: Even if a social Media account is verified certain news like "boko Haram killed soldiers" or other news apart from the news about the owner of the account should be verified from authoritative account for example ( PUNCH, VANGUARD etc) is sometimes, a verified individual account owner might mistakenly share misleading  information.

Do not screen short a website, rather, insert a link for example:

if you write about Aisha buhari's Goodwill message to women and you want to cite credible and authoritative Media like PUNCH ONLINE, you can do this at the tail end of your article.

Source: PUNCH

4. Make sure your Screenshot from sources must carry a time-stamp and date.



With these 4 steps, you can become an affective OPERA NEWS HUB writer.

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