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how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

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how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face


some content creators do not want their family and friends to know that they are using OnlyFans. Although you can make a lot of money with it.

In this article we will explore some tips on how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face, and maintaining your identity, protecting yourself from any unwanted comments about what you are doing.

 Many creators are willing to share content but do not want to be seen on the street. It is difficult for such people to make money on forums like OnlyFans, where the most popular content is celebrity nude photos. 

 We stand for the opportunity for smart people to benefit from their talents. And today we will tell you how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. 

Quick Summary on how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

1) Do not use your real name and create new social media accounts
You can create social media accounts (obviously using the "stage" name you use in the Onlyfans account) to help you promote your content.

You can use, let's say, some images in those specific accounts to help the process of gaining new followers in the forums and making advertising more effective.

If you want double security, create an additional email to connect to these "stage" social media accounts. These forums use algorithms that may recommend your new account to people you know, so be sure to make a fresh start in these forums if you want to remain anonymous.

2) Consider using a mask or being smart with the angles of your camera
To help you hide your face you can use any type of mask you like, or simply use camera angles that show you only from the neck down.

3) Do not show your birth marks, scars or tattoos
If your intentions are very secure in an unfamiliar proverb, you should also consider options such as hiding birthmarks, scars or tattoos.

These types of things can easily give you a sense of identity, especially if the viewer is already familiar with you.

4) Avoid showing familiar objects that they may see
You should definitely avoid any major exposure to your living space as well. Keep angles in the recording room as close as possible (just show the essentials, if you know what I mean) and do not show any other rooms in the house.

5) Compensates for Face Lack by Good Cooperation
Sometimes, it is common for the audience to feel a certain distinction in the person producing the content without showing their face. It can provide all remote and private video subscriptions.

Some people may care about that, while others should not. However, it would be a safer choice to keep things as friendly and moist as possible with your audience at OF.

You can do that by responding to DM people, responding to requests and just being the person who welcomes everyone and your audience. Understand that they like to be recognized to some degree or another and at least a certain level of attention is very important to them to keep coming back to get more of your content.

Your audience appreciates you, you appreciate them and everyone is always happy.

6) Use the OnlyFans Geo blocking feature to block your home IP address, or your entire region
You can also use Geo Blocking technology to hide your IP address (or region) from other users or block certain people with their IP address or region. You can just block people at OF with their usernames again.

The Geo Blocking feature is already in your hand when you enter the OF area. All you have to do is go to Settings> Security. There, you will enter regions or IP addresses that you would like to block from accessing your content.

"Commitment" from certain people at OF can easily turn into a form of abuse, so you should not hesitate to block any people you end up seeing as a threat to your life or keeping your identity.

7) Consider using a voice switch
Importantly, if you want to be completely clear, try again to change your voice with audio software or do not speak at all in the video or audio content. I mean, you don't know if there's somebody watching that can't hear your voice, do you? This may be a lot, but if you are really worried, it is safer than regrets.


Is It Possible To make money on onlyfans without showing your face?

 According to platform rules, authors need to pass verification with passport data and real photos. However, this does not mean that the real name should be on the page and open to other users. The same applies to the faces of the creators.

 While many consider OnlyFans to be the equivalent of an adult site, the forum includes all kinds of content. Artists, dancers, fitness trainers, personal trainers and many others make good money through this source. 

However, the most successful forum creators maintain pages with provocative content. 

 how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

You do not need to show your face to make money on onlyfans. The best way to hide and keep an anonymous account of OnlyFans is to come up with a character for your online presence. You can use a false name or nickname. Such pages in OnlyFans are standard. 

 Onlyfans Privacy 

Before we move on to the tips on how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face, let's talk about the privacy tools offered by forum developers. 

Onlyfans provided a number of measures to protect the personal data of the authors:

 2-step verification. You can enable two-factor authentication in profile settings. Then follow the link and download the special app on the platform. This application will generate random login codes.

 Due to this feature, no one will be able to install your profile without your phone. 

Sign in times. You can check which devices have been added to your account. In addition, you can disable unnecessary times. See this information in the "Login" section of the settings. 

Watermarks on photos and videos. Creators can give creativity to postings by attaching a watermark from the OneFans page ID. It's not really about anonymity, but it does help creators protect their work from being copied.

 Visibility settings. Because of the wide range of settings, authors can choose which information will be open to the general view. You can close your account, leave access to only selected users or stay on site in "invisible" mode, completely hiding your activity. In addition, the site gives authors the right to block annoying subscribers by sending them to a blacklist. 

 How to get started on OnlyFans anonymously

 A few tips for creators who want to keep an account of OnlyFans anonymous:

  1.  Create a character who will publish content on his or her platform;
  2.  come up with a nickname that reflects the total account; 
  3. use forum settings and hide all personal data for your profile;
  4.  another option is to provide false information on personal data; 
  5. Try to avoid publishing materials that can be used to locate your location; 
  6. use mask or mask to hide while taking photos and videos; 
  7. do not use previously published material on other social networks;
  8. when capturing video and photos of OnlyFans, delete all references to your life history in the frame;
  9. Monitor conversations in published videos, which may contain personal data. Use these methods to hide your identity and make money on OnlyFans. 

 How do you make money on adult videos that don't show your face?

 Creating an adult profile without showing off your face is nice and fun once you have a lot of fans. You only share a private fan profile link between fans and start making money with your content. 

But what if you do not have a fan base? He is in a hopeless situation. On the other hand, you cannot share public photos and videos on popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok. On the other hand, you do not find organic fans in a place like OnlyFans.

 If beginners want to create adult videos without showing their face, they need a platform where there is live access.


 Good and bad 

 It is up to you to decide whether to open an anonymous online account or post content in the open. We have prepared a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of Only Fans Without Faces.

Benefits of anonymous account

Naturally, the main advantages of this option are related to privacy:

  • privacy increases, personal information is more secure;
  • control who can follow you;
  • there will be fewer subscribers, but you can include a loyal audience;
  • content is sent only to a limited number of people.

One of the most popular topics on the internet is just rewarding fans. No one steals social media information, photos and videos collected through paid accounts, after which they are posted to the public. Of course, privacy settings do not guarantee complete protection, but by closing the account in view and minimizing the risks of leaks.

Problems with making money on onlyfans without showing your face

Honestly, it is not so easy to make money on Fans only anonymously.

It is far from the ideal forum for creators who choose to hide their faces for a number of reasons:

Competition. Now about a million creators are working on the platform. Finding audiences in such a competitive environment is difficult even for writers who are honest. Followers only

Audience. Typically, users select a subscription model, testing the appeal of the model. Statistically, stadium participants prefer to sign up for creators who do not hide their faces.

Promotion. The forum actually does not provide authors with marketing tools. The most effective way to enhance your profile on OnlyFans is to advertise your profile on other social networks. You cannot use this method as an anonymous model for fans only.

The difficulty of page upgrades is one of the main reasons why anonymous models stop working on the platform. Content creators have to go a long way to attract audiences and convince subscribers to pay for subscriptions. 

How to promote an anonymous OnlyFans account

As mentioned above, promotions on social media are a great way to improve OnlyFance. The only tool provided for the platform is the ability to create two separate accounts.

First, create a free profile to create publications available to all users of the forum. Use this account to showcase your work and motivate audiences to your main profile. Think of this account as your Instagram, leave out the most obvious content of the main page.

A basic account is a key tool for the creators of OnlyFans. Initially, you will need to post as often as possible. Create a shipping plan and use the publishing delay system. Your subscribers should always receive new content. Don’t be afraid to explore content, connect with audiences, and manage sales and voting.

You can also find new pages on other social networks. Share unpublished content for a free account, but try not to repeat it. Don't forget to create different content for these pages.

Frequently asked questions

Can You Succeed on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

You don't have to show your face to attract people to your content, but it will be very difficult.

There are a lot of people who only sell pictures of certain parts of their bodies, so everything is possible as long as you can attract an audience.

Can You Use a Fake Name On onlyfans?

Of course you can. When you provide data to Onlyfans to start an account, you will obviously need to provide real documents and information. However, when setting up your profile, you can choose to go with your favorite names / nicknames.

Yes, if your intention is not to present a name on the platform, you should definitely go by the name of the "stage". Get away from anything that resembles your real name, just let your imagination run wild and make sure you choose something that may not be associated with your real identity / name at all.

Can You Remain Perfectly unKnown to onlyfans?

Following the tips we have provided - not providing personal information on your content, such as your job or school, location, or hobbies (you will never know) - you should be safe.

How Do You Improve Only Followers Without Your Family's Knowledge?

There are several ways you can do this:

Promote your content within the Onlyfans or Reddit platform: You can purchase specific promotional packages on the platform itself. Content will also be upgraded on other social media platforms, but since the promotion is only linked to your OF account (which must be using "stage information") you don't have to worry about anything.

Collaborate with FAMOUS promoters: Influencers with big and loyal followers can help increase the popularity of many things, and your content should not be different. That is, if they are willing to encourage you, it is. It usually goes both ways, you help them in some way, and they help you too.

Do Banks Care Only for onlyfans?

Banks will not hold your money and anything like that just because it comes from OF. No such type of problem is associated with users. You can keep it cool about that.

Only Fans Appear in the Bank Statement?
Well, they do. Yes, and unfortunately, there is no way around that (at least, so far). Usually, transactions are made through the OF platform from bank statements such as “Onlyfans” or “OF” or some other type of abbreviation. And, as you probably know now, you can't delete anything from your bank statements.

So, if your bank account is shared with someone else or is often tested by a second person who will not really like the idea of ​​creating content for fans only, then ... Well, you will have a problem in your hands. The good news is, it's a solution.

Should I Create a Unique Fans' Bank Account Only?
Well, if anyone can look at your bank statements and dislike the idea that you are producing content at OF, definitely.

Creating a new account will help you secure more privacy and securely manage and manage your earnings on the platform.

Just find a bank that caters to your needs (preferably different from the one you already use) and open an account with it to get your special payments. And after that, you're all right.

 how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face video 


how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face is very simple if you follow the simple strategies provided in this article.

If you have any question, don't hastate to make use of the comment box below

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