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How To Find And Use Freelancers To Help You Grow Your Blog or website

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How To Find And Use Freelancers To Help You Grow Your 

Freelancers provide great ROI
When you start growing your website, you usually have to do everything yourself: setting up a website, content creation, graphic design, social media channels, and even more complex tasks like coding and editing.

When I first became a blogger, I could not afford freelancers to help me with my site. In fact, I did not do enough on my website to buy a McDonald hamburger once a month! I was very frustrated with managing every part of the site myself, making a bottle of revenue and production. I could not really hire anyone to help me, and without hesitation - I did not know what I was doing. The result? After 4.5 years, I was still attracting only 1,000 pages per month with no signs of improvement.

I was ready to quit - it was too much work, and I could not see success despite years of trying.

I decided to do it again. In my last devotional dream, I decided to hire freelancers to help me run the site.

A year later, I had estimated about 200,000 monthly page views, had gained 30,000+ new email subscribers, and was earning a full-time income. I was able to quit my job and work full-time as a publisher and content creator.

Here, you will learn how to get top freelancers, handle the right types of work, and become a very successful publisher so that you can earn more money for yourself and your family.

Where You Can Find Cheap, High-Freelance Freelancers

I have been a publisher for over a decade, and I have hired a number of freelancers to help me with many tasks:

True? Not all are successful. I thought I was making good money, but some independents did not know how the work was done or did not send me what I asked for, which led to days back and forth emails trying to complete something that should have taken an hour.

But overall, I had good experiences with most of them. For $ 50 or $ 100, a high-tech professional can finish a job in a few hours that would take me two weeks. This not only saved me from severe headaches (something I was most often trying to do for myself), but I was able to focus more time back on doing what I did best: creating great content.

I have hired freelancers everywhere, from big-name marketing sites like Upwork and Freelancer to word transfer from friends and colleagues, paying them $ 20 to design PDFs or thousands of dollars to run my advertising campaigns.

My favorite site so far has been Fiverr.com, the least expensive pool of independent professionals in almost every field. If I can't find what I need there, my Upwork or Freelancer storage options. Wherever you hire your freelancers, I would recommend that they have a high level of fluency in your main language and a lot of reviews that ensure they are quality candidates.

What Kind of Work Should You Offer Freelancers?
I went to a popular marketing conference a long time ago, and the host - a man who made millions of dollars through Facebook advertising campaigns - revealed that he had never created a Facebook ad before. He joked that he did not know how to use the program, and that he did not have any study programs. His team has done all the technical work, while focusing on creating good sales environments and compelling products.

If you can delegate difficult tasks to professionals, there is plenty of time to run your business.

When it comes to deciding what kind of work to offer freelancers, the sixth best rule is to give them the right job:

I don't know how it's done
You know how to do it, but it will take a long time to finish
Time is the name of the game here. If you have more time to focus on certain activities that make you really money, you will earn more money. I figured it would cost $ 100 for a freelancer to complete a two-hour job that would take me five days with a huge ROI for my business (not to mention my mental health).

For me, this included many graphic designs. Take a look at this screenshot in one of the great list of frames I have rented, and you can see the process of my work: creating logos, graphic design, and creating PDFs / powerpoint presentations:

Another good job you can offer freelancers is market research. As I mentioned in my recent post about how to use podcasting to maximize your site revenue, I hired freelancers to research the top 50 podcasts in my field and collect all the important data and contact information of these podcast hosts. Instead of spending a whole week trying to sort out hundreds of thousands of podcasts in my niche, my freelance worker found me 50 great podcasts to direct. It only took me a week or two to block the podcast chats with about 15 of them, which caused a huge increase in traffic to my website. For $ 50!

Finally, you can see how I came up with my video editing strategies and video content strategies. I’m a writer at heart - that’s where my content creation skills lie. I have never released my writing content, because my audience knows and loves my particular voice. But I knew that video content was very important; my market was right there. So I recorded my videos on my smartphone or camera, and sent all the videos to professional video editors who made my videos great in about an hour. That would take me weeks.

Content writing may not be your strongest suit. But content experts can help you create huge amounts of SEO-optimized content, convincing, interesting topics related to your product and site. Companies such as Handsoff Publishing or Niche Website Builders offer publisher packages that include tens of thousands of content keywords, ensuring that you get the top and most important content for your site while you are working on owning and managing other important tasks.

When it comes to giving a job, ask yourself: which jobs give you the biggest headache? Can someone else do it? Even if it is not a 100% good thing you can do, the time saved usually proves to be worth your money; when you can focus on what you do best, the revenue and impact your site will build. As CEO and founder Jessica Jackley explains in her own TedTalk: "Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do."

In conclusion
It may sound strange if strangers help you with your website, which is one of your most personal and highly appreciated things. You may not even have a lot of extra money to spend on giving to others.

But think about how much work you can do on your site if someone is helping you. Visualize the content you can create, and have someone else work while you take a break and focus only on the parts of your website that you really like (earning you extra money).

In almost every case, the ROI of hiring freelancers is much higher than what you pay them. Spending even $ 50 can go a long way in helping you earn more money with your content and products.

Hiring freelancers does not have to cost you a fortune, and they are ready and willing to help you as soon as you use popular trading sites. If you want to grow your website, ask others to help you transform from being a content creator to a real business owner.

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