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How Owealth investment works and everything you should know about owealth Opay

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Everything you should know about owealth in opay

Interest & Returns

Earn up to 15% annual interest

For balances of #100,000 and below, your daily returns will
be calculated at 15% annual interest rate while for balances
over ¥100,000, the first #100,000 will be calculated at 15%
interest rate while the balance will be calculated at 11%
annual interest rate.

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Is #20,000 only
Address: No 6 obosi road nkpor Junction, opposite techno office, Idemili North Local government Area of Anambra state.
Contact: 07025557344
Note: we can do waybill for you no matter your location.

Interest paid every morning

Your interest is paid into your Owealth account every
morning. Funds deposited in Owealth before 22:00 will get
daily returns starting from the next morning.

Product Advantage

Perform transactions with OWealth

You can use Wealth just like your regular wallet balance.
Transfer money, pay bills instantly at no extra charge and
withdraw at any time.


The auto-invest feature allows automatic transfer of funds
from your OPay balance to Owealth. Turning on auto-invest
will make your idle funds generate more value, These funds
can be used and withdrawn at any time you need them

Available on all OPay platforms

You can access Owealth via USSD(*955#)or via web
(opay.ng)and invest or withdraw your funds conveniently.

Opay Owealth investment

Everything you should know about owealth investment

 Opay Owealth

As technology continues to enter the Nigerian financial industry, many investment companies come from left and right but most of these investment companies are fraudulent and want to defraud people with their hard-earned money, promising people exorbitant interest rates.

Imagine that an investment company claims to pay 90% interest. Great lie !!

This scam is made possible by the low interest rate bank, but thanks to mobile applications such as Opay Owealth investments, you can now earn more than 10% of your savings and your most interesting portion of it per day. which means you can withdraw your money at any time, that's not good.

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Owealth is all about you

Owealth is one of the features of the Opay app, a mobile app developed by the maker of Opramini. The Opay app comes from the same company as Opramini.

In the Opay app you can transfer money, get a loan and save. The backup feature has many programs, of course

Fixed saving

In this type of savings you will specify the date you want to withdraw your money. You will earn 20% interest annually but you cannot withdraw money until the due date.

Suppose you save # 100,000 in 300 days your money will increase by # 20,000. You will withdraw # 120,000

Safe box

This daily, weekly or monthly savings will determine the amount you want to save per month. This type of savings is automatic, Opay will withdraw your money as soon as your savings deadline has reached.

The interest rate is 15% and you can only withdraw if you have reached the month or year you have set.


This is also automatic and robust. Here you will set a target and save to meet the target, for example you may want to buy the # 200,000 phone, set a goal and continue saving until you reach your destination.

The interest rate on this is 17% but it is strong, you will not be able to withdraw until you reach your goals. For example, if you save # 100,000 you will subtract # 117,000

Use and save

This is not strong you can withdraw at any time. Here you will set the percentage you will save when you spend (make a payment, transfer to the app). The interest rate is 8% but you can withdraw at any time.

Owealth Investment

Now in the main point of this article. Here you will get 15% interest on your savings but you can withdraw at any time for example if you save # 100,000 interest is 15,000 per year, per day interest will be # 41, # 287 per week and # 1,230 per month.

How to Invest in Owealth (Opay)

The first step you must take is to download the Opay app. To do so click here

you will be given a bonus of # 8,150 if you use the link to sign up.

The link will take you to the OPay forum where you will be asked to provide your phone number.

Say your number 09078689877

You will not type the first zero so it will be as follows 9078699877

After that it will take you to the play store, download it and register. To claim your bonus you need to add money to it, even if it is only # 200.

After downloading the app register with your information then go into your dashboard

Find and click on "Finance" where you will see the "loan" and the "last" section click save

You will be shown a different storage program as pictured below

Click Owealth, terms and conditions will be read and complied with

The next step is to fund your Owaelth account, you can do so by transferring money to your Opay account or using your bank card.

How to withdraw from Owealth (Opay)

To withdraw your money click Owealth

You will see your salary, click withdraw
Your money will immediately appear in your Opay account dashboard, you can transfer it to your bank account from there.
Note: The interest rate rises every 24 hours,

Is Opay (Owealth) Legal?

Yes, / app is legal right now I save # 100,000 for them. Otherwise they are regulated by the CBN and insured by the NDIC.

OWEALTH frequently asked questions answers

What is Owealth?

OWealth is a savings product developed by Blueridge
Microfinance Bank and embedded in the OPay App. Get up
to 15% annual interest when you invest with OWealth and
and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

What is the difference between Owealth and Opay


While both can be used to make transfers, bills payments
& withdrawals, OWealth however, gives you daily profits,
OPay balance doesn't

Is Owealth safe?

Owealth is as secure as Opay Balance. All Owealth
transactions and management use 256-bit HTTPS SSL
(the highest level) encryption technology. Owealth has a
banking license approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria
and operates in a safe and standardized manner. For more
information about Owealth’s security, you You can go to
the [Guarantee] page to learn more.

What are the benefits of turnig on auto-invest?

Auto-invest is a tool that once enabled, automatically
invests funds deposited in OPay Balance into OWealth and
pays interest at an annual rate of 11%-15%. Turning on
auto-invest will make your idle funds earn more value.
withdrawn for free at any time.

What is the annual interest rate of OWealth?

For OWealth balances of ¥#100,000 and below, your daily
returns will be calculated at 15% annual interest rate while
for balances above $100,000, the first 4¥100,000 still get
15% interest while the rest get 11% interest.

How is Owealth's interest calculated?

Daily income = OWealth Balance*((1+annual

Click on the “Invest” tab to calculate the amount of interest
you can earn daily, weekly, monthly or yearly for specific

Note that due to the existence of rewards such as Interest,
Rate Coupons and Trial Cash, in addition to calculating the
base interest rate, interest earned from coupons and other
rewards will be paid to QWealth balance in accordance
with the terms and conditions stated

How is Owealth's interest paid?

Your interest is paid into your Owealth account every
morning. Funds deposited into Owealth before 22:00 will
get daily returns starting from the next morning. Note that,
interest is earned on both the money saved and
accumulated interest from previous savings

What are Rate-up coupons?

Rate-up coupons are reward coupons offered to you to
increase your Owealth annual interest rate. Using the Rate-
up coupon will have funds in your OWealth account return
interests based on the increased interest rate.

Each Rate-up coupon is valid for a fixed period and once it,
expires, the annual interest rate will return to OWealth’s
fixed interest rate at 11% - 15% annually.

Each Rate-up coupon will stipulate the required investment
amount or the interest rate increase amount, such as "save
an additional XX naira or more in OWealth to claim this
coupon’, or "You need to have saved XX naira in Owealth to
claim this coupon’. Please pay attention to the specific
value when using it.

What is a Trial Cash coupon?

The Trial Cash coupon is a coupon that enables you to
experience saving with OWealth within a trial period. When
you apply the coupon, you will earn interest based on the
trial cash amount within the validity period only and the
interest will be calculated as the same as an acutal
investment. Interest will be paid to your OWealth balance
and you can withdraw it at any time. Please note that only
interests earned on trial cash can be withdrawn, the trial
cash itself can't be withdrawn or used for payments.

What are the benefits of inviting friends to invest?

The platform encourages Owealth users to invite friends to
register and invest. If a friend completes the registration
through the invitation link you shared and starts investing
in Owealth, you will receive coupons, Trail Cash, Cashback
and other cash rewards. The more you invite, the more
rewards you will receive. Please go to the invitation page
for detailed rules.


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