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Hushpuppi was Caught with Another $400k Fraud Case while in United State Prison

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 According to a US Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas, alias Hushpuppi, was charged again after US prosecutors filed court paperwork alleging that he committed fraud and laundered over $400,000 while incarcerated

HushPuppi committed fraud and money laundering while in a federal prison in the United States, according to records filed in the United States District Court of California on Wednesday.

Hushpuppi was involved in the acquisition and laundering of unlawfully obtained Economic Impact Payment debit cards while in prison, according to court documents.

According to the CARES Act, the US government provides financial assistance to residents in the form of Economic Impact Payments. Debit cards are one of the methods that eligible residents in the United States get their Economic Impact Payments.

Hackers utilize data of US people to file and get Economic Impact Payments debit cards, according to evidence submitted in court. They resell the EIP cards to other fraudsters on underground marketplaces.

According to reports, in response, US officials argued in a court filing that inmates' right to privacy limits their access to the telephone, video, internet, and computer use.

Hushpuppi was given access to the computer network, just like the other detainees, according to the authorities.

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