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Will there be no more unlimited mobile Internet in Russia?

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The "Big Four" mobile operators in Russia refused to provide unlimited tariffs to new subscribers.

 The "Big Four" mobile operators in Russia refused to provide unlimited tariffs to new subscribers.

 The companies made such a cardinal decision for two reasons. 
Firstly, the service of unlimited tariffs is simply unprofitable. 

Only 30% of customers use unlimited tariffs and need unlimited traffic. At the same time, the vast majority of subscribers (about 80%) are satisfied with only 12 GB or less per month.

 Secondly, even due to a small number of clients that consume more than 100 GB per month, there is a fairly large load on the network. Often, owners of unlimited tariffs activate the distribution (connect it as a separate function or bypass the operator's blocking) and then use the traffic to download movies, series and games. 

They can also use the hotspot as internet access for the whole family. As a result, their monthly unlimited traffic exceeds several hundred gigabytes. At the same time, mobile operators convince that old subscribers who have already connected unlimited tariffs will not be affected by this innovation.

 Their conditions will remain the same. As the Mobile Research Group analyst clarified, these tariffs will remain only until the operators move them to the Archive section, which they can do at any time.

What unlimited services do operators have left?

Despite the loud announcement that operators are no longer providing unlimited mobile Internet, there are still some tariffs, services and packages on their websites that provide unlimited traffic. Of course, each operator has its own limitations and costs. Next, we will tell you in more detail how to connect unlimited Internet from MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2, what tariffs and options are still working (prices are taken according to Moscow time, check separately for your region).

Unlimited at MTS

Exactly 2 unlimited tariffs are available on the MTS website, the cost of which is very high:

  • Smart Top tariff - unlimited internet and calls for 2025 rubles per month.
  • Tariff ULTRA - unlimited Internet for 2900 rubles per month.
  • Thus, MTS does not have conditions with unlimited traffic cheaper than 2000 rubles per month.

Beeline unlimited

Beeline has almost completely abandoned tariffs with unlimited gigabytes. Subscribers have access to only conditions with unlimited messengers, unlimited Internet in the metro and the “Outlet Internet” tariff - unlimited for 70 rubles per day.

Unlimited MegaFon

According to a MegaFon representative, subscribers can still connect unlimited options. To do this, you need to call the contact center and issue a tariff through the operator.

Unlimited at Tele2

Several unlimited tariffs are available on the website of the mobile operator Tele2. For example, the Premium tariff for 1,500 rubles allows unlimited use of the Internet in Russia and abroad. The "Unlimited" tariff for 700 rubles per month is available only to Tele2 subscribers who already have a SIM card and offers the same conditions as "Premium", but with fewer minutes. Options for unlimited applications (for example, YouTube, instant messengers, etc.) are also available separately.

Thus, subscribers can still find unlimited tariffs from operators, but with more restrictions. However, there are no guarantees that over time, companies will not tighten measures and completely abandon unfavorable conditions for themselves.

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