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How to enable DolbySound on any smartphone

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How to enable DolbySound on any smartphone Superuser rights (root-rights) are not required. The technology that will be discussed today works on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). 

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about the combiner application from Dolby Labs. Yes, yes, the one that Atmos, TrueHD, Surround, and a bunch of other innovations in high-quality surround sound.

Still, the company has been engaged in sound and everything connected with it since 1965:

  • noise reduction systems
  • real-time audio processing
  • work with surround sound to create an overall sound atmosphere.

These are the masters of their craft, who revolutionized the cinema | Steven Spielberg and George Lucas contributed to this (we are talking about the first films using Dolby Stereo technology: the fifth episode of "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - the latter was nominated for several awards in the category "Best Sound" and "Sound Effects", won an Oscar for sound work).

From 1977 to the present day, the company has continued to improve sound quality. Dolby Labs adapts its technologies, and the achievements of this company appear in one form or another on modern laptops, smartphones , TVs, set-top boxes and other entertainment devices. For example, Dolby Atmos is available on the Xbox One console, and the sound quality, I assure you, is simply gorgeous in supported projects.

The program has a "Dolby" switch - you can switch from the Dolby Labs audio engine to the standard one (the system one that is built into your phone)
The program has a "Dolby" switch - you can switch from the Dolby Labs audio engine to the standard one (the system one that is built into your phone) and compare the sound. Thus, it is determined whether the software works correctly on your phone.

Recently, the company's logo has become an integral part of all presentations of premium smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 7 Pro, Realme X2 Pro, the list is endless. There are more and more Dolby Atmos-enabled devices, and enthusiasts have learned how to install the Atmos effects package and the Dolby Labs equalizer on their devices, but this requires root rights.

 Do you want high-quality sound and no money for a new phone? Kindly flash it and install the modified Dolby Atmos from the XDA Developers forum. But if you have superuser rights, then it would probably be better to switch your eyes to the Viper FX audio engine - I like the sound there much more. Anyway. Dolby Labs decided to enter the mass market. Collaborations with major manufacturers of mobile electronics are certainly good, but... Need more gold! Specifically, in our case, we need more Dolby Sound users.

Dolby Labs has released its branded app on Google Play and the App Store

DolbySound inbuilt app
If you have a device from Samsung, then check the settings - it may be that Dolby Atmos technology is already built into your device | Samsung has been using the audio engine from Dolby Labs since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017).

What you should know about DolbySound.

There are no ads here, the program is distributed completely free of charge, and theoretically works on any Android smartphone (the only requirement is Android version 7.1 and higher | in the case of iOS, the minimum version is build 13.0). But even if your phone meets the minimum system requirements, it may be that the application will still work incorrectly on it.

 When I made a video review of this application for my YouTube channel, several people in the comments wrote that their sound began to hiss, sometimes music playback was interrupted, and in general - the sound did not become voluminous and alive (the proprietary Stereo Widening effect is used) , but rather, on the contrary, has undergone negative changes. 

Dolby Labs honestly writes that they are trying to find the optimal settings for their audio engine to work on your smartphone, but there are so many Android devices that sometimes incidents happen. Therefore, there is a feedback button inside the application to inform the company about problems with their program. 

That is, it is not entirely "free", of course no one will ask you for money, but "Dolby On "(as the program is called) is primarily a testing ground for new Dolby Labs developments. Since its publication, this software has been downloaded by over a million users on the Android platform alone.

 Apple does not share its statistics, but the average rating of the application is kept at 4, 8 points out of 5, and the reviews are simply amazing:

DolbySound app
The sound is just cosmic. I really hope that your device will be compatible with this program.

At the same time, each user must register on the Dolby Labs website - it will not work just like that to use the application. Registration takes on the strength of 30 seconds | after downloading "DolbyOn" from your local app store (App Store or Google Play), you run it and the initial setup wizard kindly guides you through creating a Dolby Labs account. 

Why am I writing all this? People have become very suspicious and aggressive lately. Everywhere they see advertising, if something is free, then it must be with viruses, etc. Dolby Labs does not need advertising - every film advertises their developments to one degree or another. You just act as testers - that's all! So I hope there won't be any stupid messages in the comments about this being an "advertisement" or something like that.

Program (DolbySound) settings

The Dolby On application consists of three (four) components: a camcorder (which has a built-in musician mode that allows you to stream to Twitch and YouTube**), a voice recorder, and a music player (player). The first two are presented here solely as "bait" for creative people.

DolbySound settings
Real-time audio processing is very cool. There is no perceptible load on the device | My smartphone is Xiaomi Mi 9T.

The sound is processed in real time: cleaning the audio from extraneous noise, increasing the volume of the voice, the ability to apply an equalizer (here this option is called "Style") for a particular style of performance. 

That is, you can stream music concerts or your loved one from your phone with very high-quality sound. Similar effects are available for the voice recorder. 

We are also interested in the music player. You can access it through the start screen. The program is not translated into Russian, but there are no problems with this - minimum settings, "Dolby On" is positioned as an automatic solution to improve sound quality.

DolbySound player
Start screen. In order for the music to play with new colors and be processed through the Dolby engine, you need to import it into the player. To do this, go to the player, click on the button in the upper right corner "add" and specify the folder with the music.

  1. Dictaphone - I have already told about it.
  2. Camcorder (works both front and rear) - video recording with Dolby sound.
  3. Streamer - the most resource-intensive mode. The sound is processed in real time. In addition to Twitch and YouTube, you can add third-party platforms for broadcasting.
  4. Settings - there is nothing interesting here. The settings contain information about what the program is, and links to the Internet resources of Dolby Labs.
  5. Player - all the magic happens here (pay attention to the picture above ☝ where I described exactly how to add music to the player). Since the solution from Dolby Labs was not integrated into the firmware of your device, all music must be pre-processed with the sound enhancement algorithms built into "Dolby On". One track is converted on average 35-50 seconds (my smartphone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor | each song lasts about 2.5-3 minutes). As a bonus "out of the box" there are 3 musical compositions that should demonstrate all the possibilities of Dolby Sound.

 Links to download DolbySound App (Google Play and App Store):

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