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How to lose weight by eating more bread

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How to loose weight by eating more bread

Why should you eat more bread (if it is the right bread)

 Cutting carbs to lose weight would be a mistake, experts tell Peta Bee. 

Rejoice, you lovers of bread! Your favorite diet, which is often accused of gaining pounds, can actually help you lose weight - as long as it's the right kind..

 In a study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, Swedish researchers showed that substituting whole wheat for high-fiber wheat and whole grain bread has become a magic bullet for blasting weight and body fat in the majority of men and women of middle age. 

Rikard Landberg, professor of nutrition and health at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and lead author of the study, asked half of his 242 obese participants to eat a bowl of rye-based breakfast cereals, four to six slices of rye crisp bread. (think Ryvita) and two to two and a half.

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