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How to Make Money with eNaira: eNaira Users Guide.

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How to Make Money with eNaira: eNaira Users Guide.

How to Make Money with eNaira 

There is no denying the fact that the CBN digital currency will compete with the Point of Sale or POS as we enter into the implementation of the CBDC. 

Below are some of the services you can offer in your eNaira wallet and make a profit as you would be a POS agent.

#1. For someone who has a digital currency but needs a portable cash, they can transfer it to your wallet while you give him or her cash, you can take your fees in transfers or collect cash. 

#2. If a parent wants to send digital cash to his or her child at school who comes to you, you can help him send her naira digital money while you get your cash and expenses.

 #3. Today, Nigerians prefer to watch PayTv over regular DVDs, thus you can help people in your community pay off debts such as GOTV, DSTV, PHCN among others through your wallet while charging them for this service. 

#4. Help users solve technical problems and get paid. Although it is a digital currency supported by a ledger, other problems may arise, if that happens, you are advised to contact your bank.

 But in the event that your bank does not respond, you can send a complaint to the CBN Digital Wallet unit at [email protected] Of course, some people do not have an email account, you can help the complainant to set up an email and send complaints about his or her email account, you can charge them for this service or make it FREE depending on how convenient it is for you. 

#5. If you are a first-time money agent or already have banking services, you can guide your customer on how to upgrade their bank account to receive or send more to their wallet. 


 As the digital currency of the CBN is controversial, it will open up a market for hundreds of Nigerians to make money on this project. 

Someone who helps fellow Nigerians to turn their digital money into money can be used to make money It is also a source of personal income that helps others convert the virtual naira into eNaira.

 Above all, the Nigerian digital currency will redefine mobile banking. It will be a true definition of cashless policy.

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