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See Reasons why mother who gave birth to a mysterious child told her husband to return him back to Devil.

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Reasons why mother who gave birth to a mysterious child told husband to take him to Devil.

Take Him Back To The Devil: Mother Cries

Things are happening “You think your troubles are the worst until you hear someone else’s,” it is commonly said. Some things are beyond comprehension. 

 Bajeneza Liberata is the mother of Cideveri, a newborn dubbed “alien” by the public. Hearing and seeing such horrible things happen to people is upsetting.

 Bajeneza is always concerned about her child’s safety. According to her, she has previously given birth to other children, all of whom have turned out normally except for the most recent. 

Her husband dropped her off at the hospital the moment he saw the baby. It was terrifying, and even the physicians were taken aback.

 Her husband advised her to return the child to the devil, from whom she had obtained it. This has caused her a great deal of suffering. She has been battling with life since then. 

 Furthermore, she went insane at one point due to the issues she was having in her life. Everyone was avoiding her, and when they saw her with the infant, they all bolted. 

Most people avoided her baby because they called it a “monster.” Her kid is always in pain, but she is unable to stop it. The argument is that no one wants to help her since they always flee.

 She had previously had children with her husband, but when she gave birth to the last one, he denied ever having been responsible for the child. He told her to return the baby to the devil since it belonged there.

 This perplexed her, and she assumed he was joking. He abandoned her at the hospital and did not return. The baby’s situation, on the other hand, was deteriorating with each passing day. She returned him to the hospital, but they were unable to assist her because it was a community hospital. 

Obtaining assistance was becoming tough for her. She was unemployed and unable to look for work due to the child. Yet, life in the city was getting expensive and stressful for her, so she chose to relocate back to her village. Leaving her other children behind.

 She was unable to afford transportation for all of them. As a result, she has abandoned them to fend for themselves. Most people she encountered laughed at her, while some felt sorry for her and advised her to murder the child because all the baby would bring her was disappointments and misery, but she couldn’t kill her own child.

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