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Meet Woman who was Caught Breastfeeding a Giant Snake

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Meet Woman who was Caught Breastfeeding a Giant Snake

Witchcraft In the Highest Order: Zimbabwe Woman Caught Breastfeeding a Giant Snake A Zimbabwe Woman has been caught by a 12 year old girl breastfeeding a giant snake in her friends house. 

The woman identified as Gogo Nenohwe from Nenohwe Village in Zimbabwe was exposed by the unidentified 12 year old girl who happened to report her to the chief.

The reporter disclosing the issue to Chief Mutambara's court said:
 " I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a giant snake with red cloth tied round the neck while mentioning names of some villagers she wants the snake to attack".

 Chief Mutambara court charged Gogo Nenohwe for witchcraft while urging for immediate capture of the snake. 

Also , Gogo's niece disclosed to the chief about seeing her aunt living in the same house with the snake as she breastfeed the snake as well.

What kind of witchcraft is this? It seems our fore-father's method is still in practice till today or could this be a new way of dealing with your enemies 😁 I want to know because I have some many of them as well. 

Wonders shall never end oo. This is serious.

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