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Touching: People are really suffering in this Nigeria. Lady narrates touching story of what a Man and his children did after she helped them.

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Photo Facebook user Chiamaka Nwaka

People are really suffering in this country called Nigeria By Chiamaka Nwaka

  I came out one hour ago to buy fruits to make my fruit salad because I like eating it a lot.

 After buying my fruits, a man approached me and said, “my daughter, please we are hungry”. 

 I turned and greeted him and asked him, “Sir, who are the we”? He said, “my children and myself”.

 I asked him, “where are your children”? He said, “they’re here”, and I went with him to see the children.

 They live at the back of the ATM at Unizik junction/temp site, Awka, for those that live in awka.

I got there and saw four children. They were very hungry indeed, and the last child was injured and in pains.

 The man told me that his wife is late, and I remembered how my late mom died when we were very young, and my daddy took care of us by himself all alone. 

 I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have enough money, not just there, but in the bank too. Immediately, I called a friend and begged him for N5,000. To my greatest surprise, he sent it to me immediately and I told the man, “bring your daughter, let’s go and treat her”.

 We came out and treated the young girl and I bought food for them with the little money remaining. 

 The man shed tears in front of me, the kids were just thanking me and he kept praying for me till I couldn’t hold myself. I cried! 

 What am I saying? You can die anytime. No one knows what will happen in the next minute so try as much as you can to help people no matter how little. Your 500 naira can go a long way. 

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