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Eating in Dream: Top Hidden Secret you should know about Eating in Dreams or if you Eat in Dreams.

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Photo: Eating in Dream: Top Hidden Secret you should know about Eating in Dreams or if you Eat in Dreams


There are problems that are follows after eating in the dream. We have talked more on the problems of eating in the dream, but we must look at ways to ensure our victory over the enemy. It is terrible for a person to eat in the dream without no victory. No matter what food is prepared in the dream, they are demonic processed food. That’s why the Bible says we should renew our mind. 

 A person that often eat in the dream can never be victorious over their enemies. It is clear that if we have total victory over eating in the dream, you would have overcome the problem of eating in the dream. 

The demonic strategy of the devil in this end-time is to feed and satisfy the stomach of many Christians who has a shining glory. 

 One of the easiest way for the devil to capture the glory of people is through the process of eating in the dream. 

Victory would be defeated when you often eat in the dream. When you are eating in the dream, you cannot move forward, no matter your wisdom and qualifications. 



  1. To initiate a person into evil covenants.
  2. To pollute, contaminate and manipulate.
  3. To bewitch a person.
  4. To cause setback and failure at the edge of breakthrough.
  5. To introduce problem into the person.

Nowadays, a lot of people are eating in the dream and never know how to come out from this foundational and ancestral attacks. Some people prayed, prayed and prayed and yet the problem of eating foods still persist. 

 You cannot deal with this dream when you are yet to break every generational curses working against your destiny. It is very bad but frustrating for a child of God to be eating in the dream while fasting. 

 This is one of the most destructive dreams. If you are operating in that level of dream then it shows that your prayer efforts can no longer be answered. 

 My joy is that some people are beginning to understand that eating food in the dream is so demonic and powerful enough to corrupt their destinies. 

Whether you eat food in the church, eat food in the bathroom, eat food in the hospital etc, they are all bad my dear. You don’t even need an interpreter to explain this to you because when you wake up, it is certain that you are likely to feed bad, sad, troubled etc. 

Cancel and Rebuke all forms of such dreams by praying and fasting. 

Don't allow the devil to take your Glory, manipulate or destroy your Destiny. Seek for the presence of HOLY SPIRIT in your life. For this reason, you know the Most important things you should know about the primary purpose of the holy Spirit.

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