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Hello Naira Extended, Webmasters and Blogger. From the topic of the post, you already know why you decided to join this series. I just got permission from Google AdSense last night after applying on Monday. The happy part is that it was my second test after a short period of 1 month. My first request was not approved due to inadequate content. And hey! I did not add any single content between the time of the first application and the one I just did on Monday. You can confirm all of this in blog 3 in my signature

Gosh! The introduction was long.

To cut my story short, I will try my best to help any blogger who wishes to achieve this during the shirt phase, as you can see the blog is only 3 months old. I do not teach you any blackhat method but only whitehat. If you are a blackhat freak, I'm sorry I do not have your message


I am currently in a strong transport environment, so when I return to Lagos I will continue my study here in this series. If you are a blogger and you post, I'm sorry and I'm not able to help you

Ask useful questions right now and I will try my best to answer them, before I start my big lesson. And pls I do not have it now because of the light problem with my other systems, at night I do not respond as quickly as possible

Look at the third blog on my signature, which I just received from.
google adsense buzor


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