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How to buy MTN shares of N3,380 on your phone from now to 14 December

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How to buy MTN shares of N3,380 on your phone from now to 14 December


In this post, I'm going to Show you everything and how to Buy MTN shares of N3,380

 In May 2019, MTN Nigeria (MTNN) was listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE), immediately adding more than N1.8 trillion to the exchange market. 

This marked the great development of the Nigerian stock market. A year later, Bloomberg named Nigeria as the world's best performing stock exchange through prudentj2, sending 50 percent of its profits by the end of 2020. 

The Lagos team has been locked in high points since December 2007, beating 92 other markets worldwide. 

 When MTN Nigeria was on the list, many Nigerians wanted to invest in a major telecommunications company, but they were limited in how tight the shares were, and the strict process involved in acquiring key NSE shares. That story changes. 

 Despite being the second most important company in Nigeria, after Dangote Cement alone, MTN Nigeria provides 14 per cent of its shares held firmly in the Nigerian public. Of all MTN Nigeria shares, approximately 79 percent are owned by MTN Group. 

However, the group is currently releasing 14 percent of its holdings to a majority of interested Nigerians - making it the largest member of the club to make such a contribution. 

 The best part of the agreement is that any Nigerian person with a bank verification number (BVN) can buy MTN shares, and for a minimum of N3,380 on mobile phones. 


Many Nigerians are interested in buying a piece of MTN, but do not care about the rigidity and barriers to naturally buying shares in a Nigerian trading list. After analyzing this process in person, Prudentj2 ​can report that the steps are much simpler and much cheaper to deal with traditional Nigerian stock options. 

Steps to buy MTN shares with small amount of money

We have since broken it down into 10 easy steps as seen in the infographic above and described below. 

 #step 1. Start with the app: 

In this process, you will need a smartphone. Go to your phone apps store. 

#step 2.  Download Application:

 Download the Basic Offering app from the Google Play Store or Apple iOS store on your mobile device. The app is made by Chapel Hill Denham, note that. With a good mobile network, download and installation should take less than three minutes. 

#step 3.  Set up an account: 

Create an account using your bank verification number and date of birth. Here, you will also need to set your password, which should be kept as private as possible. 

Once this is done, the app will already have some of your information, which indicates that it is slightly connected to the banking system. 

#step 4. Verify your account:

 After setting up your account, you will be asked to enter your security code. That code is in an email you already received. One-time password (OTP), which you will type in an application to verify your account. 

#step 5. Sign in and get started:

 Once your account has been suspended, you will receive a congratulatory message on your screen. The message will have a blue button, asking you to sign in to the app. Enter your email and newly created password to access the dashboard. Once logged in, click on MTN Nigeria offers. 

#step 6.  Terms and Purchases: 

Once you have clicked on MTN Nigeria offer, you will see a page of terms and conditions, read it and accept it by selecting the unselected column next to the purchase button. Once you have done that, click on purchase. 

#step 7. Choose a share value: 

Your latest screen should now show “Enter your transaction details”. In the specified units column, enter the number of units you want to purchase. The minimum number of shares you can buy is 20. According to MTN, “the minimum application is 20 shares and 20 duplicates thereafter, so 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120… etc. 

There is no limit, however, the number of shares allocated will be within the grant size of up to 575,000,000 ordinary shares. " One allotment costs N169. So for a small number of shares, you will need N3,380.

#step 8. Pay Now: 

After selecting a share number, and checking the terms and conditions, click on “Pay Now”. The application asks if you have a CSCS account. The Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account is a financial institution for clearing, retaining, and paying securities. This is where all your shares are managed.

 If you have a CSCS account, click yes, and if not, click no. The option you select will determine the next line of action. In both cases, the process is simple. The app helps set up your CSCS account and allows you to process stock payments.

 If you already have a CSCS account, enter the account number and your cancellation number (CHN). After this, you update your bank details, where your shares will probably be paid and click “pay now”.

#step 9. Pay by card or USSD or by transfer: 

When you get to this page, you have many payment options, choose which one works for you - bank or card payment or just USSD - and pay for the shares. Please note that bank charges will be increased, which brings your N3,380 to N3,418. 

#step 10. Share payment:

 If payment was made, you would receive an email, stating your payment details and confirming receipt of payments. Once approved by the SEC, your shares will be distributed in less than 15 days. 

By following these steps, you can easily become the owner of MTN share

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