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how to plan your retirement to help your child's education

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how to plan your retirement to help your children education

Retirement Planning.

I believe that you have a basic understanding of investing, it is time to invest some that information you can use.  Investing is a a great way to build wealth so you can achieve your long-term goals.

80 percent of parents consider college to be important or very important than the economic well-being of their child, and 31 percent consider it a priority financial importance. 

  • Parents are right: The college offers you the benefit of the type of work you can get; however, it is not necessary. When it comes down to it your choice between preserving your kids' college education and saving your personal retirement, choose your retirement.

 According to Forbes magazine, in 1993 more than 60,000 Americans companies had already completed their regular pension plans, employees they did not contribute anything except to receive their pension. That means now it is up to you, the workers, to start saving for your retirement.

If you really want to to help, save to be able to eat and pay off your debts at retirement and get started you want scholarships for your children. They will be grateful when they start their adult life, debt-free and peaceful know they are cared for. 

Retirement Planning Steps 

Fortune magazine reports that about 75 percent of Americans fear they do not exist saving enough for retirement. I saw people's faces full of fear Fortune talks about it. They are fifty-six years old and they think Social Security will take care of them. Now, they can't do it every day. Do not make the same mistake. Instead, take these three steps to retirement editing: 

Major 3 steps to retirement planning

Step 1. Set goals for your retirement.

 Think about what you are like you want to live during your retirement — a dream a little. 

Step 2. Calculate the cost.

 Calculate the approximate amount it will take to pay for your retirement lifestyle, and set a a financial goal that will help you achieve that dream it happened. 

Step 3. Create a monthly savings plan.

 Choose the right investment to achieve your financial goal. 

Let's take a closer look at each step. 

Step 1: Set Your Retirement Goals 

Before you decide what you want your retirement annuity to be, of course it is important to consider what kind of life you want to live during your twilight hours years. For example, some people plan to work until they reach seventy-five or eighty. Some want to drop out at sixty-five and go back to college, just for fun it.

 One successful doctor retired and went to high school to study religious doctrine; he had always been interested in the subject, and now he still has it time to do something about it. The following exercises will help you to take time to dream a little.

 Fill in spaces as you think of the daily lifestyle you would like at retirement.

 How old would you like to be when you retire? ________

 How would you like to spend your time?

 Is there anything you can not do now that would you like to be able to do it then? (Example: Eat at restaurants regularly; go and grandchildren; paint or write a book; take a class; play golf; holiday with your spouse.) 

Where would you like to live? In the house you are in now? Or you could do it do you like to build that dream house on the beach? 

What will happen if you have to move to a nursing home or retirement home? the community? 

Have you ever visited your area? What are the resources like? How much would it cost to stay there? 

Do not go away and press me for talking about the “nursing home.” I know, you may not want to think about it, but that will not change if you do they finally need full-time care. It is better to think about it and plan it now than it is leave it to your children to pay for your nurse care. 

If you want to grow old comfortably and politely, you need to think about these things now. 

Step 2: Calculate Costs

 Once you have a picture in your mind of retirement of your dream, it is time to calculate how much you will need to support the dream. Start by creating a sample retirement income entry system.

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