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Criminals seeks 200 million naira ransom before the release of one police officer

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Bandits seek 200 million naira Ultimatum for police officers after abduction last week.

After last week's attack at the Abuja-Kaduna road last Sunday. Bandits who abducted one police officer said to belong to the late former director of the FCT. Have been given a 6 hours Ultimatum, requesting a huge ransom worth 200 million naira.

These threatening actions were detailed to have involved information about the bandits' next move. These bandits made known that they will be moving to another location, which will guarantee a constant stream of phone calls between both parties.

According to a Hausa tabloid which said that Dambo Hosea, (the police officer), was included amongst those the bandit took to the forest on duerest.

*Hosea, was among those the bandits took to the forest on Sunday, after killing his boss and former governorship aspirants, in zamfara state, late Sasir Hamidu, along the Abuja-Kaduna highway*.

*They bandits demanded that his family gather 200 million naira quickly to release him*.

*When they called the policemen's family on cellular. They said they were leaving the location, because there are no Telecom services, that they should pay the ransom quickly*.

*The gunmen were annoyed when the family pleaded that they could only afford to pay 2 million naira. The gunmen expressed their anger and gave the family 6 hours deadline to pay the 200 million naira ransom*

According to the tabloid, the reporter who listened to the recorded phone conversation stated the bandits' answer, when the family begged for a plea of 2 million naira.

The bandit said, *you shouldn't say so, because he is a big man in our custody. You are saying what cannot be possible*.

After this conversation, further reports claim the bandit allowed a short conversation from Hosea, the abducted policeman; he said.

*We trekked a long distance before we could get a Telecom service to call you. Please go to my friends, if you cannot get the money, seek a loan, I will pay back when I return*

However, since this incident, other police in Kaduna could not be reached for their comments on the matter.

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