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Black Friday to cause big trouble at Germany

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Black Friday won't look good in Germany!! Here is why?

This Friday's latest report has it that retailers across Germany will make a different move by shutting down their websites. This will be sponsored by the renewed drive, against the rabid consumerism encouraged by large online sellers, amid deals for Black Friday. 

Alongside the shutdown of websites. Online sellers will also donate their profits to charity... and plant trees as part of this renewed drive.

British independent retailers association, BIRA, is expected to record the highest number of retailers boycotting the event, ever in history.

According to Zoe Roberts, founder of out-of-the-box gift and eco-friendly gift box shop based in Cheshire said that;

"I am donating 10% of Black Friday's sales to my local food banks" he continued;

"There is more than one reason that I dislike black Fridays. The main one is that, I think it encourages us to purchase things that we don't need, and therefore increases waste".

As this anti-Black Friday movement grows popular game day-in-day-out. Various shoppers are not only turning back to their local shops, streets, and markets

In fact, these retailers are currently looking online for ways to shop locally. Which Facebook marketplace is the best and secured place for this kind of purchase.

Still, on Facebook, a group called "Not on Amazon'' started last November and is currently driving a total of 157,000 members.

Founded by Jamie Rackham, a female who runs a small but mighty business specializing in making furniture in the Forest of Dean.

Rackham made a heartfelt statement about how her last Christmas plans were shut down. But still, Amazon recorded a vast number of sales. Even during the lockdown.

She said;

*This time last year, we were going to do some Christmas markets, and they were all canceled*, she continued.

*At the same time, I heard about Amazon making a record amount of profits during the lockdown. I thought: This is so wrong. They are making all this money, and we are being told we can't operate our businesses. I've got to try and do something about it*, she concluded.

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