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5 Crazy things people do with their finances

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Women who is enjoying her money
Credit: Prudentj2.com

Look around you. Those rich gurus in your neighborhood will always want to do crazy things. Well, the truth is...not all of these things are bad.

Although being rich is not just a title. It has nothing to do with the way you think. when most people spend a lot of money to live a rich lifestyle. They need to put some of their lives back on useful things.

If you're a millionaire or a Billionaire. Why not spend your money on space travel:) or don't you have a good feeling about traveling?

I have an idea. Let me make this some sort of a Q&A. 

If you're given $500 million? Will you give it away to charity? Would you build a private space program? Would you print your face on the $1 bill? Or... Will you buy a small country and call yourself King

Before we highlight various activities (both recreational and others) you do with your money, Let's come to terms with MAKING MONEY.

Making money is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be rich by now.

There are many millionaires and billionaires who do crazy stuff with their money

You will be surprised? 

Did you know that there's a business that helps people fix broken dolls?

You will be amazed to see people spend their money. Although it's sometimes ridiculous the way people use their money.

There are many crazy things people do with their money. Here are 5 of them.

1. Party

Everyone should be familiar with this one though. Many rich people often feel safe around other casual people. And throwing a party is how they get close to them. 

Rich people throw parties just for fun. Sometimes you hear them say I did it for my dog. What? Your dog. It's funny but actually true.

In fact, you may have visited most of these parties. Some of these are pool parties, in-house parties, Halloween parties, banquets, garden parties, cocktail parties, tea parties, surprise parties, and birthday parties. And lots more. You can name them.

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2. Giveaway

Most people love freebies or should I say. Every broke person loves free things. Like it's free. No tax attached. No actual bill attached either.

The process is simple: come get it and go. Tell your friends if they're lucky, they profit from the jerk. It's always fun to do giveaways. But it's really crazy.

Imagine giving money and other materials to people you don't know. Just for fun and enjoyment.

Many people think they have enough, that's why they give. That's not true. Giving is a charismatic character that is found in some people and not in some people. 

That a rich person does giveaway doesn't make him have enough and to spare. He's just having fun and you're opportune to join the celebration.

3. Travels

Lots and tons of rich people travel just to feel happy and entertained. 70% of rich Americans travel yearly. With 27% just for fun. This is super interesting right.

Come to think of it, there are varieties of things to see all around the world. Then, why pile up your money in the bank when there's a lot of things to see with it.

Travel is a great way to see sights and meet different kinds of people and cultures. We need to share and we ought to learn or we'll destroy our world within.

It's very simple but most people don't want to understand.

What can I say? Many people have traveled far and wide. But I've never been to the sky. They have gone up and down. And when they get back to their starting point, they tell stories.

Travel shouldn't be for the rich only, because it's not a privilege it's a choice. You choose to travel and you choose not to. My advice? Get up on that plane and head out. You'll enjoy it

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4. Investing

This sounds profitable but trusts me when I say only 20% of investments are successful every year. 

Surprised? It's crazy to invest in something you didn't suffer for, and expect a huge return. 

However, it could be creative and in some instances profitable.

Do you know that Bill Gates said"

If you don't find a way to earn while you sleep. Then you won't have enough money to be called a rich man"

I think he was talking about investing and as we all know is very good and that Alongside his friend Warren Buffett. They're all gurus when it comes to investment.

Playing around with little money to get more money is fascinating sometimes.

Most rich men put it this way;

Investment is the difference in man. Rich people, they invest. The poor, just can't afford it.

Moreover, you need more than just cash to invest. You need the right mindset

Let me flash a hint though,

Investment in stocks is risky. Trading works better than investing. Buying low and selling high.

5. Luxury living

Let me ask you something. Who got those fancy shoes and clothes? The rich. They can afford it. Hence they're wearing it.

Although most rich people don't fancy expensive clothes, cars, or bags. Like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and founder of metaphase. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. Bill Gates, Prudentj2. These men are Billionaires in Dollars and don't fancy luxury living.

These men believe that if you use the money on liabilities you won't have it.

Although these people don't like luxury living, many other celebrities and rich people love it. I mean live in it.

Regularly you will see celebrities post new photos and videos on social media. Displaying what is in their wardrobe and their fans will go wow.

It is really a crazy truth, but they could have a lot of fun in it.

There are many and many things you could do with your money, other than building an expensive empire...and getting your children a sound education.

But it's really good to have fun. Because it cools the body off stress and reduces a lot of thinking.

You won't believe that having fun is just like a daily exercise routine. It makes you feel relaxed and most importantly, more comfortable

There are so many things you could do with your money. Why not engage the comment section with your opinions.

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