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Fastest Ways to Make Money as an Immigrant in the U.S Legally

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 How to Make Money as an Immigrant

Over time I have realised that there are so many opportunities that a lot of people don't pay attention to especially before they come over to United State of America U.S.A. They can use make lots of money

The truth is that U.S.A is filled with a lot of opportunities for many people especially if you are coming from a place like Africa you are often struggling to even make a dime.

But in other States you know if you can just do basic things you would often get around and survive so by the end of this post you are going to get some Tips as for what you need to keep in mind for even living or coming to United States.

Second thing you need to remember in this Prudentj2 article is that, as an immigrant for about 10 years now, what I'm going to share with you is my experience is okay. This is not something I red about or heard from somewhere. Is totally my experiences.

Note, this post have two sections, WRITTEN and VIDEO sections. So check out the video below!

My request; I know that a lot of people would  be chanced to see this article and this people would be from everywhere being UK, US, Nigeria and in different parts of the world, so please feel free to share your experiences because at the end of the day, people will learn from your own experiences as well.

If you are coming from any part of the world to the United States of America and your plan is to come seek opportunities so that you can improve yourself maybe achieve your goals and your dreams, even help your family members back home, there are few things you must keep in mind.

One of them is this you need to understand that United States is a value seeking country.

What do I mean by that is this, in order for you to make it in America you need to add value. Remember is not only in U.S.A. Is everywhere. You must add value for somebody to pay you.

Fastest Ways to Make Money as an Immigrant in the U.S.

If you are in the United States of America and you have no skill, no qualification, you will end up just doing minimum wage jobs.

You will just be working minimum wage and this minimum wage job we only just feed you maybe provide you someplace to live and that is it because anything extra that you will make is probably not gonna be enough for you to really go for the in what you want to achieve. That's why it is very important that you come with a skill.


1. Painting
2. Hairdressing
3. Fixing of tiles
4. Some skilled house works often done by house maids in other countries like Nigeria.
5. Repairing of Cars
6. Doing pastries.
7. Electrical works

These are just some of them. 
These skills pay people a lot of money in United States because people often are occupied with their own businesses or jobs. They will prefer to just leave this kind of jobs for other people and we pay you extra for it.

Legality of Jobs In the United States.

I have no form of information to really share in regards to the legality of some of these things but one thing I know is that first of all;
 You need to make sure that you have your documents right.

Secondly if you do not have permanent residency, they try to make sure you have like ITIN number so that you can pay taxes because that is very important. IRS wants their money.

I've seen that how people make money in this country is by doing menial jobs. Menial jobs pay you a lot of money. example of those jobs are like, for example, if you know how to do hair (hairdressing), if you can make hair like ladies. 

if you're a lady please go and learn how to do this tickets because even as a student you can do some of these things to make small amount of money on the side while still going to school and that is why I'm saying that this is the things I wish I knew before coming to United States. 

Men, if you can also cut hair properly and you know how to make it look nice you will get paid doing that and the truth is that, as long as you are legal and also that you do legal things, the proper way, these are things that you can actually create a lot of businesses out of. I've met like few other people that have done this and they are making a lot of money

working as a manager or the gas station, all these kind of jobs will not pay you and you can get anyway but they might pay you like to survive but you're not going to get anywhere. The kinds of jobs that really get you far is to create businesses.

ANother example of a job that is realistic you don't need to have a lot of money to do is real estate, if you have knowledge of repairing, painting, doing tiles oh my goodness. 

I'm gonna give you an example there's a friend of mine that knows about this things he doesn't even speak English but because it knows how to do all the painting styles, set it up like the old interior. He is killing it and this is someone that cannot speak English. 

can you fix cars? Oh my goodness, if you can fix cars that is something that you will get away with as well because you will have a lot of people calling you day and night. 

when you arrive or come to United States you need your own circle of people like people that look like you people that speak the same language as you and most of the time we have some family members or friends that we grew up with or where we know and these are people that we end up having a circle of friends around them as well.

So these kind of people when they know that you have the skills they will start recommending your services to other people and this is where your cycle of contacts gets larger and larger and your business grows along with it. 

Another example is if you can do pastries like you know those things that we make in Nigeria, we call it like snacks, exactly like snacks if you can make those snacks or pastries these are the things that you can do because you have your friends and family members and maybe your uncles and auntie's that you have in many United states that we wanna do a party and as long as you know they can pay for this Things. 

There are so many skills but the ones that I would want to consider are skills that you can often reuse like their skills, for example hairdressing, often ladies have to do the air maybe every month or every two months I don't know maybe some ladies do get some ones and those are the kind of skills that you want because you often have to call you again simply with guys we were off enough to cut our hair every week. 

you need these kind of skills because these are repeatable. you can always count on them like okay I would always make this amount of money every month or every week and I always plan on it. 

My cooker switch broke down, so I called an electrician, the person said just to come and check it will cost me 75 dollars. I was like what?! 75 dollars? Just to come and check it? and those are the kind of skills that I wants to pay attention to go and start working on those skills today.

 I hope that you can make money in U.S as an Immigrant. I also believe you have found some value please give it a thumbs up and Share.

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