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I'm Finished, My Son have group Se× and impregnates his three Sisters in my absence. Mother cries out

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The three sisters that was impregnated by their brother

my first son impregnated his 3 sisters in my absence.


 An anonymous Nigerian woman who lives in Lagos told this painful and shameful story. 


 He shared his story about Knowevritin Nigeria and wrote; 

 "This is so embarrassing. I have 1 boy and 3 girls who are all older, my first child is 24 years old and the last born is 16 years old. My husband is a businessman so he is almost not at home, he is always on the move here and there and I can't sit at home and put my hands together either, I have to help the family and take care of anything in the event that something goes wrong  That made me start my own business.

 Three of my children are in the University here in Lagos and so they go to school from home while the last born is in SSS3, about to graduate 


 Since the older brother was at home most of the time, I was always sure that they would be fine and the older brother would take care of them as he is around them without knowing that the opposite will happen. 

According to them when things eventually unfolded, they were all in the room watching a movie when  they started having group sex, they said they didn’t know when they started touching themselves and they all ended up having a group sex in my own house, oh my God.


 My eldest daughter had tried to hide it when she noticed it, and even planned e An abortion when the last innocent daughter told me she felt weird. 

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 It was the test we did on the last baby born in the hospital that started the whole thing. My 3 daughters were all pregnant with their brother after group sex at my home.Oh jesus 

 In fact I broke down that day, they took me to the hospital and I think I spent there about 2 days or so. His father had to run from Abuja to Lagos to hear it for himself. I wanted to hit the black and blue boy, but at 24 what a beating you want to give him. 


 First we had to rent him an apartment and we sent him there while we figured out how to have an abortion for everyone because my daughters are having babies for their blood brother on my corpse.  


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 I would die of a heart attack. I did my best to raise them well, but I feel like I have failed, I have let my generation down, I have let my family down. 


 As I speak, no one in the whole world has been listening except our immediate family and I choose to stay anonymous here and share this with all of the mothers so that they can learn from what happened to me. 

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