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The Transition Seasons In Relationship and Marriage All couples and lovers must know.

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The Transition Seasons In Relationship couples and lovers must know.


 One of the reasons some people struggle so much when they get married or get into a relationship is because they don't understand the seasons of transition.

 When you leave singlehood and start dating, things change, and when you move from dating to marriage, a lot more changes. 

 There are people who are used to doing things their way without any help, and also, they are not used to people interrupting their schedule because they are single. No man or woman in their life, no baby too. 

 When you start a relationship, one thing you must understand is that transition is taking place. You no longer have all your time to yourself. 

You can't be too busy like you want because there is now someone in your life who needs your attention. 

 This is why I usually say if you are not ready to prioritize your partner or are not prepared to create enough time for someone else, then you should stay single.

 But the moment you start dating, you must consciously know that someone needs you, and you have to make yourself available to them. It's is transition.

 Another kind of transition is when you move from the dating or courting stage to marriage, and this is even a more tough transition you will be making. 

 At this point, you have to make more time available. You have to be there for your partner and your kids. 

A lot of people get onto this stage thinking they are still single or dating, and they live frustrated or hurt their partner in the process unintentionally. 

 At this point, everything that looks like a secret dies a natural death. At this point, you are not allowed to do anything without the knowledge of your partner, at least some major life decisions.

 Before you make any decision, you have to think and rethink how it would affect your partner and kids before you. 

 This is very different from when you were single, and you could just make any life-changing decision on your own. 

 Understanding these transition seasons of your life will help you sustain your relationship and marriage. 

This is why before you enter any of these seasons, you need to prepare yourself for it intentionally. 

 You need to learn how to be a partner. You need to learn how to play as a team. And the bridge between your singlehood and marriage season to know this is your courtship season. 

During your dating season, you must learn as much as possible how to relate with your partner well. You start to play as a team. 

 When you are in a relationship, you ought not to pretend. You should be yourself and help each other become better. 

 How you navigate this transition will determine how much you will enjoy your marriage.

 If you know you are still single or dating, and you want to be a better wife or husband, take out your time to learn those things that differ from single season and marriage season and how to bend them into your life and establish a balance.

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