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FUTURE BRIGHT: A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence by Michael E. Martinez

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FUTURE BRIGHT: A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence by Michael E. Martinez


You thought wrong about intelligence. Almost everyone assumes that intelligence is a genetically programmed trait like eye color, fixed from birth and unalterable.

 Yet the large body of research on human intelligence proves this assumption to be wrong. 

Our best data shows that IQ, the most common measure of intelligence, fluctuates in a person's life as well as from generation to generation. 

This is our conceptual startpoint:

 IQ scores are editable. This central fact raises the most important question of what causes IQ scores to increase or decrease.

 The question is certainly interesting, but it is also extremely important, as it implies that with the right environment, intelligence levels can be intentionally increased, and this possibility has implications for you and the world around you. It is the conceptual centerpiece of Future Bright.

 For a moment, imagine a world where the intelligence of the average person is much higher than it is now. 

Would such a world be different from today's? Now think about what it would be like if your intelligence got significantly higher.

 At the very least, the prospect is intriguing, perhaps so much so that you may feel compelled to learn more and, if possible, test some of the ideas presented.

 All these possibilities engage our imagination because intelligence is not a trivial quality of marginal importance in the world. 

Intuitively, we know this is crucial. More than ever, in fact, intelligence is essential to live an efficient life. 

The skillful use of the human mind has always been important, but in the 21st century, intelligence has taken center stage as a key resource for effective human activity.

 To be optimally effective, people in all walks of life must be equipped to think, work and live smart.

Intelligence is therefore fundamental for individual and collective survival and success, and for prosperity. 

Future Bright puts forward a powerful idea: 

human intelligence is variable. This idea clashes with the outdated but still widely held assumption that intelligence is determined at birth and fixed for life. instead, it shows that intelligence can be passed from generation to generation, a fact demonstrated by the discovery of increased IQ in the 20th century. 

Just as the work and life experience of the human population has radically changed, so too has intelligence.IQs have steadily increased around the world.

 The power of life experience to increase intelligence also applies to individuals.

 Research tells us that with the right types of experience, intelligence can be learned and IQ scores will increase in parallel.

 Learning intelligence is more than an interesting fact; 

it is vital for everyday life. This is because intelligence is essential to success in all major arenas: at school, at work, and in the larger contexts of life. 

Also,learning intelligence is essential to the survival and prosperity of organizations, economies and nations, and indeed the entire planet. 

These amazing ideas form the heart of Future Bright. Together, they present a vision of human potential for individual and collective good.



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