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Why you should stop adding Related News to your Post on Opera News Hub

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Firstly, get the link you want to link to by copying it.

Go to the Post dashboard and start writing your post.

Any where you want to add the link, write the text you want to be a hyperlink. It is good to be descriptive for example,  " the viral VIDEO made people"  the hyperlink Text there is  VIDEO only, or it can be something like this  " watch the video and see how it happened,
   And again avoid phrase like "CLICK HERE" so that your content will not be rejected or Account suspension.

NOTE:  Opera News Hub have  stopped accepting posts that have "RELATED NEWS" or "CLICK HERE HYPERLINK".
 See example here👇👇
Select the text (highlight it)

 Click  the make hyperlink on the Opere News Hub dashboard.

Past the URL (link you copied) from into the Link field, Then Click save.

after saving, it should look like something like this,

How to add video links to your article on Opera News Hub.

As you can see, there is a change which redirect when Clicked. That's it, and you are good to go.

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