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Inspiring Massage: The voice of riches speaking for you sometimes are more powerful than the ones speaking against you.

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How I left my business to where I started looking for a job that was nearly denied From me.

My secular job!

The voice of riches speaking for you sometimes are more powerful than the ones speaking against you.

When I came to Abuja in 2020, I had my business running. A shawarma spot with my meat pies and popcorn. I was doing well in the business until my village people whispered for me to leave where I was without adequate planning.

I left and I was home for a while.  

The little money I had left was exhausted after paying my school fees and I was slowly becoming a liability to my elder sister whom I stayed with then. And, from inception, being a liability is the last thing I wanted to be!

So I spoke to someone about a job I did training for in 2015 before leaving Abuja.

I had done training and submitted guarantors without doing the job.

The person asked me to come to the office and I went. That was on the 30th of November 2020.

At the office, my file was traced and I was confirmed to have undergone their training - so I could work with them.

But they said I needed to update my guarantors.

That was the big problem.

I just returned to Abuja and barely knew people again.

It would be unwise for me to approach the people I've not kept a close connection within four years and ask them to guarantee me. And my sister couldn't guarantee me because she's a force personnel working with Nigeria Immigration. 

In the night I was pondering on the next step to take when a text came from the office asking me to return to the office the next day for the job.

"Ahhh, but I've not gotten the guarantors..." I replied to the text. But I was asked to come anyway.

On December 1st, 2020, I went to the office, and as I was about to be taken to where I would resume work when a particular man stood up and said; "NO! she can't be posted unless she updates her guarantors!"

But numerous others said; "We know her, let her be!!"

The more he tried to speak against me, the more the other voices suppressed his voice and that's how he was shut!!!!

On December 1st I would be two years old in the job and guess what? The man has no choice anymore, everyone loves me and he had to join the winning team!

Apostle Joshua Selma always says; "who hates you doesn't matter, but who likes you is very important"

See ehn, the voices speaking for you are more important than the ones speaking against you.

Your prayer always should be; God, make the voices of my lovers and helpers louder than that of my enemies." After this prayer, relax, your hàtérs will be taken care of and you won't be the one to déal with them.

✍️Eshi Ayo

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