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How to add youtube handle

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Handles are a way to find and connect with creators on YouTube. Handles are unique and short channel identifiers separate from channel names and begin with the "@" symbol. For example @youtubecreators.

How to add youtube handle

All channels will have an associated handle that can be used to find and interact with other users - both creators and viewers. Your handle will also automatically become your new YouTube channel URL, making it easy for people to discover you. For example youtube.com/@youtubecreators. You can use this URL to redirect people to your channel when they are not on YouTube. Each channel can only have one controller.

In the coming months, you'll be able to use your handle in places like comments, mentions, and short videos. Over time, your handle will appear in more places. You can also use your channel outside of YouTube to promote your channel.

Follow the youtube handle implementation 

Note: YouTube reserves the right to change, reclaim or remove a handle at any time.
Your handle must follow these guidelines:

  • It is between 3-30 characters
  • Consists of alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a–z, 0–9)
  • Your descriptor can also contain: underscores (_), hyphens (-), periods (.)
  • It doesn't look like a URL or a phone number
  • Not in use yet
  • Follows YouTube Community Guidelines
  • Best practices for handle selection
  • Choose the handle that best represents your public identity on YouTube.

What YouTube  do not allow:

Violent, abusive, sexualized or spammy manipulations
Sales and transfer of clicks
If you are contributing to the YouTube community for the first time (for example by adding a comment or uploading a video), a channel will be created automatically. At this point you will be prompted to select a handle. Keep in mind that having a YouTube account does not necessarily equate to owning a channel. Supervised users will not have access to handles.

View or change a handle
You will be notified in YouTube Studio and by email when you can choose.

How to add youtube handle

  1. On a computer or mobile device with the YouTube app, go to youtube.com/handle.
  2. If you don't have the YouTube app installed, you'll be prompted to download it.
  3. Select Select Handle or Change Handle.
  4. You may already have a dedicated handle based on your own URL.
  5. Enter a handle in the field to check the availability of your preferred handle.
  6. You can also choose one of the suggested handles or a pre-populated handle based on your channel name.
  7. Once you have found an available handle, click Confirm Selection.

If your preferred handle isn't available, it's usually because:

Another channel has already been selected to control.

Does not meet YouTube handle naming guidelines.

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