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POS BUSINESS: Tips On How To Identify Fraudster

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How POS Operators can identify Fraudsters

 1) A customer who appear to be in a hurry.

 2) A customer who drop ATM card and requested for #500 or more to give to a bike man. Any customer whose bike is waiting for is a suspect.

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 3) A customer who came just to ask for a *"change"* (this is spiritual scam).

 4) Every new *staff* is a target to fraudsters, customer who came and said I know your *boss* , "give me #5,000 to settle someone, my network is bad to make a withdrawal"

 5) A customer who came and start a discussion (e.g. "your face look familiar, where do you come from... Ah I have been to your town during my I.T in Military or NYSC). This people has Spiritual mouth-code in their tongue! Beware!!!

 6) A customers who do not have money in his account at all but wants to use your intelligent.

 7) Customer who come with stolen SIM card to perform mobile transfer. #20,000 is the most common values performed!

 5) Customer who claim he is not seeing alert, but will insist on " keep trying to the lower value" (E.g. withdraw #50,000 insufficient fun, try #45,000. Insufficient fun, try #40,000 insufficient fun, try #10,000 insufficient fun... Continuous trying is a trying pattern of a criminal. Beware!

 9) Some of customer who came with huge amount like #100,00k above of #1,000 notes is a suspecting fraudster. Fake money alert! Beware!!!

 10) A customer who came to withdraw #50k and other customer came with the same amount and another 3rd persons came in again to withdraw same value, and all are in a hurry. These are bird of the same feather.

 NOTE : Those who appear corporate, even like "Angel" are mostly the suspected fraudsters.


1. Wrong typing of figures e.g #20,200 to #2,200; #50,000 to #50,00; #5,100 to #51,000

2. Airtime Recharge to wrong Phone number.

3. Giving customer double Cash as a result of gummed cash.
4. Resending / Double transfer in a fail transaction yet been debited.

5. Transfers to a wrong account as a result
Let us all be aware and careful as we carryout transactions.

#Be careful#

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