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How I Made My First 1 Million Before I Turned 19 - Jidechukwu Nwabueze

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Jidechukwu Nwabueze, Lead Executive Awele Foods Ltd
Jidechukwu Nwabueze

A Facebook User have shared A very Inspiring story on how she made over 1. Million before she turned 19 years.

Lead Executive Awele Foods Ltd
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"Yea, it is as I said it. Okay, let's put it this way since it wasn't a single business that gave me that, I saved up to one million before I turned 19.

How I Made My First 1 Million Before I Turned 19

As a young girl, I was practically into everything legal. From formulating juice with milk and selling to my classmates to designing art works and selling, and then, to teaching in different schools at a young age since I was considered intelligent. Yeah, at 17, I was earning salary as a part-time teacher in two private schools. 

Research however gave me the biggest revenue. From assisting classmates and school mates in writing assignments, to teaching them how to write, to proofreading, I made a good amount. I went further to assist lecturers in writing articles for publication, research works, masters and have equally served as a research assistant for a PhD Dissertation. These paid me and before I turned 19, I was quite above a million.

My mistakes

I made few mistakes as a human being. Okay, in the year 2017 I met a friend who encouraged me to buy lands at Isuaniocha with my money then seeing how much I had but I said no as a result of not understanding why I should buy lands then. Truthfully, I had the capacity of buying two plots of land then but I didn't buy.. Today lands at Isuaniocha are above 5 million. This has been my major mistake. On getting to NYSC, something happened, life needed to be saved thereby causing me to spent almost all the money I had then, this made me to return to square one. I never regretted using my money to save life because life comes first. I don't call this a mistake despite taking me back to square nothing. Smile #😁😁#

I was not discouraged after the mistake, I continued to pursue my dream because I want to grow bigger and better

I never stopped trying, never stopped investing even with the little I have. So when I saw the opportunity of forming a business alliance with someone who had good ideas, I keyed in. We formed the JiviFoods which was a registered business then. Of course that is my name but I wasn't really a shareholder. It was  sole proprietary. When the need arose to scale up, I gathered what I have and bought myself a share in the new company. 

One thing led to another and I scaled up to being the lead executive of the company. Currently, I have succeeded in having Agro investments as direct investor with other associates at Oraifite, IfiteOgwari, and Awka with visible properties. And finally secured a good slot in our member company Awele Agro Estate Development Agency Ltd. 

One thing has remained constant in my life and that is, my desire to grow bigger and better. Then, using what I have to get what is necessary. I have always loved research and I am good at it. Though not studying food science, I overtook the research arm of the company and that alone made me an equity shareholder irrespective of the money invested. I dedicated myself and time to making Sure Awele Foods products meets the initial target of the Founder, that is producing 100% ingredient foods and 100% organic farm products. It took intense care to achieve it. The products might not have stormed the market for some reasons but it's present consumers have not said less. From the Pap Ultra to Awele Peanut Burger to Awele Dried Fish. These are products that passed through my scrutiny and their quality have never been questioned.

When founding JelePetra Farms became necessary, I transfered the same energy to it and now rearing fish and vegetables in the best naturally permissible way.

This is the company that I represent - Awele Foods Ltd. We would be one year soon. It's been a one year of great challenges, one year of great rise and falls, one year of great experience, one year of great opportunities, one year of great achievements, one year of great successes and one year of amazing grace.

Remember us in your prayers🙏🏿
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The journey so far has not been quite easy though It has been a journey of great courage and achievements

Reach  out  to  Jidechukwu  Nwabueze 
On WhatsApp:  +2348067986322
On Facebook: Jidechukwu Nwabueze

✍️ Jidechukwu Nwabueze
Your unapologetic Lady Farmer
Lead Executive Awele Foods Ltd
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