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$100 trillion coin debuts, promises rewards for both holders and sellers

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A new deflationary token created on the Binance smart chain blockchain has just been introduced, known as $Sleepaway Poverty.

This is the only cryptocurrency that rewards its Previous Holders 4% in $USDT and Holders in 7% $USDT. Sleepaway Poverty Coin is set to precede all cryptocurrencies. In fact, its major essence is to enrich every person that participates in buying the token.

Despite the recent dip in the crypto market, investors are guaranteed of the coin earning its place as one of the world’s top cryptos in 2022, due to the team’s capital budget for marketing and development and the upcoming launch of a suite of exciting utilities.

The firm believes in redistributing tokens mechanism to their holders and previous and diversifying them. Armed with a large marketing campaign and its anti-Whale system, Sleepaway Poverty Coin disheartens Whale sells by reducing any sell amount to a maximum of 0.120% of the circulating supply.

Previous holders (Sellers) of the coin will be rewarded in $USDT even after selling, a first in the history of cryptocurrency. With every transaction, a small percentage of tokens will be automatically transferred to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool for price stability.

To coincide with its debut into the market, the team has launched a presale option which is selling out very fast. Sleepaway poverty token has a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000 SAP of which 50% has to be burned immediately after presale before listing, and further coins are burnt daily via the BuyBack & Burn feature.

In addition, it is offering 80,000,000,000 as the presale rate per BNB with the SAP Price fixed at 0.000000004625. The coin is also listed at 22,222,222,222  per BNB, with an SAP Price of 0.00000001665.

Investors can be assured that their money is in safe hands as the team boasts of competent groups in the field of finance, blockchain, and marketing who have already created a community and are willing to educate the public via regular AMAs and chats on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Also, the management team are ready 24/7 to interact directly with the community to make it grow and achieve 50,000+ community members after launch and grow it daily with active community members. The current telegram group already has 679 members latching on to this offer.

The burn rate of the coin currently stands at 50%, Presale, 20%, liquidity at 9%, TEAM: 5% while the airdrop is at 16%. This current offer is due to end in less than nine days. Act now!

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