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Why Nigeria could earn N1.2 trillion annually by exporting cassava: Expert

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Why Nigeria could earn N1.2 trillion annually by exporting cassava: Expert

  • Nigeria has an economic power to generate $ 427.3 billion (N188 billion) from domestic inflation and to receive another $ 2.98 billion (N1.2 trillion) cassava roots in an area of ​​about 1.2 million hectares of land annually to meet their demand for their products and products.

 According to report monitored by Prudentj2, PIND has invested about $ 800,000 to increase the production of cassava, strengthen the integration and relationship of the actors of the cassava value chain, which includes the development of cassava production technology in the Niger Delta.

 "Through this, we have successfully reached approximately 300,000 farmers with knowledge and training, and have helped create nearly 2,500 jobs and a network of 150 service providers," said Mr Akala. 

 Mr Akala said large cassava processors needed a reliable, healthy and timely supply of new cassava roots to feed their mills regularly, but noted that Nigerian farmers were unable to deliver the required quantity and quality of cassava roots needed on time, resulting in low cassava roots. production, slow use of turnkey processing equipment and subsequent financial losses. 

 He said experts had reported that the integration of highly productive, virus-free, mechanical systems and good agricultural practices, including six measures to control weeds, could be a global change in root delivery. 

 The Director at IITA, Dr Alfred Dixon, said it was unfortunate that Africa was spending an estimated $ 35 billion a year on food imports. "The risk is that if we do nothing about it, food imports will rise to $ 110 billion by 2025, and if this happens, our trade, and especially exchange rates, will be in jeopardy," 

Mr Dixon said.“We will export jobs and impoverish poverty, unemployment will increase and the level of youth disobedience will be higher.

 The impact will be detrimental to the food and food security of the continent. It's time to dump her and move on. ”

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