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How to discover what your audience is really looking for and to help them get it

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How to discover what your audience is really looking for and to help them get it

Discover what your audience is really looking for and to help them get it.

 One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is dating your product or service. I've seen businessmen shake their heads a brick wall for years. 

They made sure that everyone needed their product. whether you feel like people ‘need you.’ It just doesn’t matter what they want to  buy. As a small business, you cannot afford to convert your wanted audience too desires. 

It is your job to discover what your audience is really looking for and to help them get it. One of my closest friends and acquaintances, Dr. Glenn Livingston, often says, "You have to research your market until it changes you as a person." 

This means immersion in the market. 

Who is your best client? What serious problems do they face? What are they buying now? What do they like about current solutions? Missing right now options available? What do your most successful rivals say? What the dominant story being told in the market? 

Starting a dialogue with your eligible customers can change you as a person. Your heart goes out to them as you hear more about their current affairs. He points through their struggles. He feels pain in their voice when they explain how they have tried in the past to solve their problems. 

You are developing an important ingredient for your marketing message: empathy. Marketing is a game of numbers. You can check the number of directors you are in productively, what percentage of lead is converted into clients, and a lifetime value each client in your business. 

You make decisions based on these numbers, however never forget that all markets are made by people with problems, hopes, dreams, and their story to tell.

 Clients can see empathy. It is a cliché 'but is used for a reason, "People I don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. ” Show empathy by telling stories that relate to them. You are one of them see. You are the person they would like to be with, the person they would like to hang on to out with the day. You can create that experience by knowing your right client too, speaking to them in their own language.

 Fortunately, the internet gives us a lot ways to find out more about our clients and get into a different language who use them personally. 

A powerful way to do research is to talk to your current clients. That's it, one of the benefits of providing consultation and individual training. They are there share with me the challenges they face every week. This personal contact is filtering I have been exposed to some of my products and services. Most of my Monthly Advisor Club problems are written based on the problems I have overcome with my clients together. Many of my members have commented on how I seemed to ‘read mind ’and talk about what they were thinking that month. That's right because my writing comes from direct communication with my top clients. 

You can gather more information in your daily interactions with you your best clients. Ask them how you can help them. What other problems face? What other products or services they would like to see you offer the future? If you are in an online business where you do not communicate regularly and your customers, consider calling a few of them by phone. 

Don't tell them you're calling to get to know them better. That sounds great awesome. Instead, you just call because you want to say THANK YOU. You value their business and want to know if there is more you can do it for them. Is there anything you and your team can do better? in the future? Are there any other products and services they would like to see? are you giving in the future?

 Never underestimate the power of direct communication. There are times when I am I personally hosted some of the live chats on my website, especially when I was there to introduce a new product. Visitors ask questions about the product or service as well that response can help me fix the message in the future. I also carry a part of my customer support sometimes. Even if you have a full team customer support agents, consider managing support for a few hours and a the moon. Or at least, update chat logs and support tickets to see them any questions or problems that often arise. 

Send an Email Survey

The next step is to get down to talking to clients to do a survey for you email list. If you have a large response list (5,000 or more subscribers it is a decent number), you can use online testing software like SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, or Google Forms. Create a short survey of a few questions and send your email subscribers to the survey. Profit for these programs will draw the results for easy review. When you get it hundreds of answers, you will need this!

 If you have a small list, you can easily generate multiple answers asking your subscribers to respond to your email with their responses. Something more, The advantage of this 'feedback' approach is that you can start a dialogue with your subscribers which may turn into additional sales. They are often surprised that you answer in person in their email! If they ask a question, you can answer that question. If they have a problem that cannot be solved with a product or service you already have, you can say. If there is no specific answer, you can just say THANK YOU. That's always the right answer. 

Here is a sample email you can use.

Subject: I need your help.
I'm compiling some great new content right now.

 If you simply click “reply” to this email and answer the questions below, I would appreciate your reply. 

1. What is one major problem that I have not helped you solve? about online marketing?

 2. In particular, why would it be helpful for you to resolve this issue? 

3. How difficult was it for you to find the right answer to this problem?
 (No, Somehow, Very Hard) Just click and answer those 3 questions. THANK YOU! 
Online Lifestyle Advisor
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 I found that you can use this headline, "I need your help" almost every 6 months. It's amazing how well it works as I've had clients who are used to all sorts different markets successfully.

 Build relationships with your list over time and they are willing to help you. He did the upcoming survey and future content that tells them what's up with them. They can find i the answer to the question that has bothered them.

 I will usually include a small survey for one question as one of the first few emails in it autoresponder sequence (that email sequence is included in the program in advance and every new subscriber receives these emails in turn). Up version of this email will work best for subscribers who were already on your list for a while.

 If you want to generate feedback from brand new subscribers, here is a short version. 

Subject: I need your help 
Please do one quick thing for me 
Just click reply to this email and let me know what you are currently dealing with with.
 I personally read all the emails sent to me. Since I receive many emails, it may take a few days for me to reply you. Thank you, 

 Your subscribers will tell you exactly what problems they are facing, no matter what any of these two emails you send. The first email just took a while more information such as how to answer that question can help them and their lives. I love that question! 

Some of your audience will tell you the precise language you should use when explaining your unique promise. See write your ads. With a brand new registrar, they will not leave for more details about you, so I will usually post these 2nd a short version to find out the answer to what they are going through. 

These questions can be the basis for productive content. Suppose you get only 20 answers. Analyzes questions again decide that there are only 10 different questions as most of them ask a lot the same questions. You now have the titles for your next 10 pieces of content. You can write an email stating that "Sue" was sent to this question. You ask a question and reply to your entire email.

 You can follow the same video system. Get in the video. Thank you subscribers to the question. Ask. Then answer the question. 

This is one of them, The fastest and easiest ways to create content your audience wants!

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