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Give us 3 million or we kill her - Bandits told the family of 29-Year Old Youth Corper Kidnapped

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Give us 3 million or we kill her - Bandits told the family of 29-Year Old Youth Corper Kidnapped

Armed Bandits want to Kill The 29-Year Old Youth Corper Kidnapped because of 3 million.

 Things are quickly falling apart for the family of Ms Lorliam Jenifer Awashima, the 29-year-old corper who was kidnapped yesterday in Zamfara State by armed Bandit. 

 She was traveling in a bus to Kebbi State where she had been posted for her National Youth Service Corp duties when the bandits attacked and took her away alongside eight others. 

 According to media report, after several hours of silence, the bandits finally made contact with her family, threatening fire and brimstone. They have threatened to kill the 29-year-old. 

Why are the bandits threatening to kill her? 

. The bandits have said they will Kill her if ransom is not paid within the shortest possible time.
 According to close family members, the bandits demanded an incredible sum of three million naira before they can release the corper. And they have said that if their demand is not met at the shortest possible time, they will either kill her or marry her off. 

 It is not clear if the Federal Government will take full responsibility for her release, including paying the ransom.

 This should normally be the case since she was on national assignment when the bandits struck. But unfortunately, that is not always the case, in the past, there have been instances where government leave the family of the victims alone to pay the ransom. 

 One of the reasons why the FG should take full responsibiltiy for the payment of the ransom is that, if not for the NYSC, Ms Awashima will probably be home with her family and would not have fallen into the trap set by the criminal bandits. 

 Another reason why the government should take full responsibility for the young lady's freedom is that it is their responsibility to make the country safe.

 If they had lived up to their duties by making the highways safe, then their wont be this case of kidnap. Perhaps, the most important reason why the government should take full responsibility for this mess is that Ms Awashima's family may not have the means to raise N3million for the bandits.

 If the government does not come to the family's rescue, it means they don't care about the safety of the corper. 

 At this point, it is pertinent to stress that this case of kidnapping provides another opportunity to scrutinize the NYSC programme and question its relevance. 

Many people have argued that the programming has outlived its relevance and should be scrapped or at least replaced with something more relevant. It is high time government listen to the voice of reason by assessing the relevance of the scheme. 

The country cannot continue to allow its young ones to walk into death traps set by bandits in the name of servicing the country.

  However, if the government will not agree to scrap the program, then it should at the least seize to post corpers to volatile states until calm is restored. No matter how important the NYSC scheme is, it cannot be equated to the lives of our youths. 

 What do you think about this report? Please drop your comments in the comment section below

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